Candidates for the Municipality of Rome: 52 Lucanians in the running

Candidates born in all Italian regions, with the exception of Valle d’Aosta, are running for the Municipality of Rome and its fifteen Municipalities.

The southerners dominate, almost a thousand in all: the largest group is that of 340 Campania (110 for the Municipality, 230 for the Municipalities), followed by 216 Calabrians (62 for the Campidoglio and 154 for the Municipalities) and 183 from Puglia (40 and 143). So 126 Sicilians (37 and 89), 52 Lucanians (10 for the Campidoglio) and 16 from Molise. The Abruzzese are also particularly present: there are 97 between the Municipality and Municipalities. There are 41 Sardinians.

To carry out the mini-census, extrapolating the data, was the cultural association “Forche Caudine”, the historic club of Molise in Rome, which publishes the cards referring to all the regions on its website (

For the other regions, 94 were born in Lombardy, 82 from Tuscany, 49 from Emilia-Romagna, 40 from Veneto, 39 from Marche, 39 from Umbria, 33 from Liguria and 22 from Friuli. Finally, four representing Trentino-Alto Adige. Many were also born in the four provinces of Lazio, with the exception of Rome: as many as 66 for the Campidoglio alone, of which 25 from the province of Frosinone, 22 from Latina, 11 from Viterbo and eight from Rieti.

Among the Lucanians running for the Municipality and Municipalities of Rome, the youngest candidate is Alberto Lela, who is 30 years old and was born in Melfi, while the oldest is Giovanni Buonsanti of Matera who is 79 years old. The town of birth is 33 times in the province of Potenza, 19 in the province of Matera.

Finally, compared to the previous administrative ones, those who were born abroad have clearly increased: they are over three hundred, with the Romanians as the largest group. “A picture that reflects the social dynamics taking place in the capital and, ultimately, throughout Italy – comments Giampiero Castellotti, president of the cultural association.

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