financial advisor arrested in Zagreb

financial advisor arrested in Zagreb
financial advisor arrested in Zagreb

He strangled his three sons aged 7 and 4 while they slept, then his father attempted suicide. This is the first reconstruction of the tragedy that took place on the outskirts of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. As local media reported, citing police, the three children – seven-year-old twins and a four-year-old brother – were reported to have died from strangulation. The perpetrator of the triple murder would be the father, 56, found in the apartment in a confused state and intent on taking his own life. The man was taken to the hospital. He is an Austrian citizen from Vienna who lives and works in the Croatian capital. Before killing his children, according to the media, the man, separated, posted a message on Facebook in which he claims that he was left by his new partner and that he was left without money. The mother of the three children is not in Zagreb, and the three children spent the weekend with their father.

Children strangled while they sleep

The crime, one of the most brutal ever committed in the recent history of Croatia, was discovered tonight after a friend of the man alerted the police by pointing to a message on Facebook in which the man announced his intention to take his own life. Bursting into his home in a wealthy neighborhood of the Croatian capital around three in the morning, the police found the bodies of the three strangled children and the father in a serious state, caused by poisoning with psychiatric drugs.

In the post, the Austrian manager, Harald Kopitz, wrote of “not having the strength to go on”, accusing the ex-wife and mother of their three children “of being bad” with her new partner, “love of my life , who for this reason left me ”, then adding“ that he didn’t have any more money ”. The murderer also called into question three former friends, «my brothers of the Masonic lodge» who «in the last year and a half have not wanted to help me, have not even answered my calls».

The man was taken to hospital and, according to local media, is in stable condition. According to preliminary information, the couple had been divorced for some years. The mother, from Croatia, lives in Dubrovnik, and this weekend the three children were with their father. Kopitz had lived for years in Croatia where he worked for various international and Austrian financial companies as a financial expert.

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