Big Brother Vip, Lulu jealous of Manuel: first scene, Sophie has to do with it

Big Brother Vip, Lulu jealous of Manuel: first scene, Sophie has to do with it
Big Brother Vip, Lulu jealous of Manuel: first scene, Sophie has to do with it

Big Brother Vip

Princess Selassiè was unable to contain herself and after a few days she has already expressed her jealousy towards Bortuzzo

Published on September 25, 2021

The network in these hours does nothing but talk about Princess Lulù jealous of Manuel Bortuzzo at GF Vip. A scene of jealousy that has not escaped the people of Twitter but which was so evident as to make the other Vipponi suspicious. Today the news on Lulù and Manuel at GF Vip in short, there is no shortage. This morning there was talk of Bortuzzo who would bring Alex Belli in the Love Boat, not her. Last night Signorini showed their first kisses in bed at night, a clip that excited Lulu a lot but according to the fans it excited Manuel a little less. There are those who saw him unconvinced of what he saw and there was no lack of irony on social media: according to some, in fact, Bortuzzo would feel stuck in a couple.

Only he knows what he really feels, in reality, and the fact that he spends a lot of time giving reassurance to Lulu speaks volumes. In short, it seems that he likes the princess and how. Even last night the boy consoled Selassiè after a difficult episode. An episode that led Lulu to have insecurities perhaps and these could be the basis of jealousy scene against Manuel Bortuzzo. But what happened? Reconstructing the story with i tweet available, it seems that Lulu is annoyed for a massage that Manuel gave to Sophie.

Codegoni, at the center of the gossip for the long-distance clash with the former Matteo, seems to be suffering from some contracture today and has asked the Vipponis to give her a massage. Manuel was helpful, but the contact with the former tronista made Lulu jealous. This is the feeling that other competitors including Raffaella Fico who told Sophie herself. Sophie then asked Lulu if she was bothered by the massage, but she said no. Shortly after though Lulu was in the bathroom with Manuel and there the scene took place.

It goes without saying that the Web does not agree with this jealousy, which many consider too precocious. The two young competitors have known each other for a few days, they have kissed for even fewer days and for this reason Lulu, according to them, should not have been jealous. Also because the princess is very affectionate and is the first to hug other guys in the house, then why be jealous of Manuel and Sophie? Perhaps because of what she was told last night: the new commentators, the Big Sisters, were decidedly offensive with the girl saying she is “ugly”. Yes, they used this term, without too many words. This fact may have made Lulu more insecure than before, but according to social media this attitude will push Bortuzzo away.

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