Brothers of Italy in tackle on German: “By now it is at the end of the line. The few on the right embarrassed for the management of those who manage the mayor”

The group of Brothers of Italy Civitavecchia

“Meloni flies in the polls and in the headquarters of the” Giorgio Almirante “Club there is great excitement and renewed enthusiasm, accompanied by a great desire to do: the record numbers of membership and the aggregation of many young people constitute a clear confirmation. Yesterday, during the coordination, many issues were addressed and a first and categorical objective was identified: rebuilding the center-right. The party that flies in the polls gives good hope, after Rome it will be the turn of the metropolitan area, then the Lazio Region. For this reason, the coordination has been focusing on valid and prepared local figures for some time. Some local Party exponents could soon aspire to a candidacy for a supra-municipal body. In the next few days, a Manifesto of good politics will be presented ready to launch a series of initiatives in the area that will culminate with the presence of Giorgia Meloni in the city. The coordination then dealt with the worrying situation of Civitavecchia, which sees this “majority” (the prefect will decide shortly to determine if there still exists, at least on paper, a majority), which has become substantially left-wing, now at the end of the line. The events of the last few days, if any were needed, have confirmed this. The few right-wing people present today in this “majority” are seriously embarrassed by the German management, indeed by the management of those who manage German. Looking at the few acts of the municipal council, Fratelli d’Italia is at the forefront in defending the interests of citizens: students and their families can be sure that we will continue to monitor and work hard to resolve the worrying situation of schools and in particular of canteens. , we will continue with the cultural initiatives and proposals and we will pay maximum attention to the legality of every act put in place by this administration: Fratelli d’Italia, in fact, through its council group, will continue to monitor the contracts awarded and in progress award and will go all the way to shed light, once and for all, on the Pirgo issue. This sad political page, in any case and fortunately, will soon end: Civitavecchia certainly deserves better. Fratelli d’Italia is ready to lead the local center-right for a necessary and significant redemption ”. The coordination of FdI.

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