Today the Cardano summit begins

Today the Cardano summit begins
Today the Cardano summit begins

Today the Cardano Summit – the event entirely dedicated to the world of $ADA which will be the largest in the history of this protocol – and which is already having very important repercussions in terms of price for the token.

A two days, which will happen both physically in different places around the world, and in a virtual way – and for which it is still possible to register on the official website. An event during which gods may arrive announcements of important collaborations, as aired by several project managers.

Markets are also heating up for Cardano Summit

A situation that many think they also ride in price terms. Cardano ADA is available on the eToro platform (here to test it with a free virtual account and with all the features), an intermediary that also offers automatic staking on $ADA that we have in our portfolio.

In addition to the staking, a service is also available CopyTrading which allows you to copy the best investors of the sub-fund, as well as CopyPortfolios which have various crypto in them in combination with THERE IS.

Two days of summits, 6 cities, hundreds of meetings

It will be a kind of global fair per Cardano, with events that have already been scheduled for some time to Berlin, Miami, Cape Town, New York is in the Wyoming, along with hundreds of events that have been organized by the local groups – among those who will not participate in the six parallel conventions between USA, Africa ed Europe.

A summit that will not only contribute to grouping, but that according to rumors that have already been taken up by it could be the stage for a ad in style – which could revolutionize the stance from Cardano on a global scale – both to push firmly on the price, re-projecting $ADA towards i 3$.

The main wait is for the opening speech of Charles Hoskinson, expected when in Italy will be 17:00 and that will keep the audience busy for 45 minutes. 45 minutes during which, in all probability, what many now expect will happen.

For the rest it will still be a ‘very busy schedule, with a large number of interventions that will cover all aspects, technological, marketing and reach of the protocol.

A little guide for traders during the summit

As for those who deal almost exclusively with market, there are other considerations to be made in terms of price, ie in the short, medium and long term. For the short period, or the next 48 hours, probably the developments of the summit – assuming there are – will continue to dominate the scene, also taking into account how the rest of the sector will behave, Bitcoin in primis.

In the medium and long term, we believe that what is traced by ours Cardano forecasts remains valid, regardless of what emerges, also in terms of ads, from the summit that will keep Cardano fans busy today and tomorrow. Regardless of the strong character divisive of this protocol – and of the now open conflicts with the supporters of Ethereum, we believe there is del concrete, technologically and financially. And that Cardano is unlikely to lose the position gained on the market with so much effort in recent years.


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