LIVE TJ – ALLEGRI: “Chiesa is fine. Rabiot sidelined for a blow to his ankle. Tomorrow Perin and Bonucci play”

LIVE TJ – ALLEGRI: “Chiesa is fine. Rabiot sidelined for a blow to his ankle. Tomorrow Perin and Bonucci play”
LIVE TJ – ALLEGRI: “Chiesa is fine. Rabiot sidelined for a blow to his ankle. Tomorrow Perin and Bonucci play”

Massimiliano Allegri spoke at a press conference on the eve of the match against Sampdoria. will follow the event live

How does Juve have to face this match? Will there be any changes?

“We have to face this match by playing well and taking a little step forward in classic. After winning the first away match we have to win at home as well. Yes, there will be some changes because there are some players who have also played 6/7 games in the last period. “.

Will Dybala and Rabiot rest?

“Dybala I don’t know, but Rabiot will certainly rest because he took a blow to his ankle and will not be called up”.

How is Church doing well?

“Chiesa is doing well and can play both on the right and on the left. Tomorrow we will see where to put him but he can also be changed while the match is in progress.”

Could it be Perin’s turn tomorrow? Award tomorrow for Bernardeschi?

“Against Spezia, those who entered have done pretty well, but this must be normal. There are no prizes, I don’t train on the basis of prizes. he is fine and in this respect I am serene “.

Will 4-2-3-1 be the modul of this Juve?

“It depends on the characteristics of the players who take the field. We have to improve against Spezia for long stretches of the game we did well but then we got the draw. I try to make the players perform at their best.”

Can Kean leave owner?

“We have two strikers, him and Morata tomorrow morning I’ll decide who to play, but in the end one starts the game and the other then takes over so it’s the same.”

Are you worried about all these goals conceded? How is Chiellini?

“Chiellini is fine. By the law of big numbers we will also start not conceding goals. In the end Juventus will have fewer goals conceded than what they are suffering now because when we have to defend in our meta we are also in order and the boys are improving” .

How are you physically?

“When things don’t go well, physical conditions are brought out. With Milan we made a lot of mistakes in the second half and our opponents gained strength. In football, you can also defend you can’t always attack. There are also opponents and defending is part of a football match. When the team is compact, it defends well. “

What is missing to see the Juve that you have in mind?

“First of all, the results are lacking because our self-esteem rises. Now we have an important week, right now here we have to weigh on Sampdoria which is an excellent team that concedes little with a good coach. It will not be easy, you have to start climbing the rankings and things will improve. Calm is needed, unfortunately we lost seven points along the way and it doesn’t have to happen. Having overturned the game with Spezia is a positive fact. If you make a result, the performance is bad, if you don’t, the good performance is not counted. It’s a football law and you know it ”.

Ramsey and Kulusevski: what positions do they have in his Juve?

“Ramsey remained on the sidelines because he had an injury. Kulusevski can play as a winger but in my opinion he is better in the middle, let’s say that at the moment he is an alternative to Dybala”.

Do you enjoy this good game story associated with criticism?
“This amuses me, in the end you have to do a job where you need to improve the players and get results. I prefer to be criticized but a winner. Compassion is only for those who don’t win, not for those who win. I prefer to be criticized but successful but above all not pitied. And on this we must get there. It is a rule of life. With whom do you feel the most compassion? With what is good or what is bad? It’s normal. When I hear criticism, and I read everything because it’s part of my job, it’s interesting. Some are constructive and I think about it, some that I need to understand that I have to do the opposite. I enjoy this, otherwise I’m bored. I am very attached to this club and it is a choice I made ”.

Does it help us in training?

“Tomorrow Perin and Bonucci will play”.

Can’t this team ignore Bonucci?

“Bonucci is an important player and when he is well he plays. Leo is a player who perhaps says he is tired and then when the game approaches he is fine. I am happy with the four central players I have at my disposal.”


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