Those who have not paid the fines in recent years have been awarded

Those who have not paid the fines in recent years have been awarded
Those who have not paid the fines in recent years have been awarded

Via the amnesty of the folders: the limit of 5 thousand euros is not overall but for each individual load. Cancel the 10-year penalties up to that figure.

The tenacious cunning wins. Who has been contesting for some time many and didn’t want to pay a single penny now it comes awarded by the tax authorities. The Revenue Agency itself confirms it, in a more generic way: the imminent amnesty of tax bills will always have as limit i 5 thousand euros to be eligible, but that figure refers to single registration for the role and not the overall value of the folder. Which means that those who have accumulated fines for a value of less than 5 thousand euros each will see their debt forgiven.

To give a concrete example. Let’s say you got some speeding tickets. The total of the fines amounts to 2,800 euros. In the same folder, you find complaints for not having paid Imu and Tari, in this case for 4,500 euros. Total value of the file: 7,300 euros. Total of what you have to pay to the tax authorities: zero. The folder will become waste paper because single loads do not exceed 5 thousand euros.

In this way, as mentioned before, those who have not respected the rules are rewarded behind the wheel: not only did he feel free to travel on the motorway at 170 km / h but he also allowed himself to laugh in the face of the fine that he received at home. And now he can even laugh in the face of the tax authorities: «I transgress, I endanger my life as well as that of others, I don’t pay the fine and now they take away all my debts. What more could you want from life? ».

The amnesty-award intervenes on debts that, as of March 23, 2021, did not exceed 5 thousand euros and that were entrusted to the Revenue Agency for Collection from January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2010. Ten years without paying the fines and you go as well Well. “To know first,” one thinks.

Of course, it must also be said that the amnesty does not really affect all transgressors: the operation is reserved for taxpayers who have had a taxable income up to 30 thousand euros in 2019.

By 30 September, the Revenue Agency will pass the tax codes of those who exceed the aforementioned income limit to the collection agent. On the other hand, those who fall within the threshold will have their folders canceled by 31 October 2021. In total, it is estimated that two and a half million taxpayers will be able to benefit from the amnesty.

It should be noted, however – and this is important – that the tax authorities will not warn of the occurrence delete the folder. It means that those directly interested will have to verify that this has been the case by consulting their personal area on the Inland Revenue website.

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