Big Brother Vip 2021, eliminated, nominated and report cards / Tommaso away, Antinolfi flop

Big Brother Vip 2021, eliminated, nominated and report cards / Tommaso away, Antinolfi flop
Big Brother Vip 2021, eliminated, nominated and report cards / Tommaso away, Antinolfi flop

Big Brother Vip 2021, the report cards of the fourth episode

Fourth episode made up of clashes and controversies that of Big Brother Vip 2021. The show gets more and more alive and it shows, because the disagreements follow one another. To keep up, even losing his temper a little, there is always him: Alfonso Signorini. The conductor this evening does not give the best of himself, alternating moments of sympathy with moments of confused management in the House. Many concepts left unfinished, many competitors interrupted after a few moments and without the opportunity to conclude an important speech for the purpose of the game and then accused by him of “lack of clarity” (see Sophie on Davide Silvestri). VOTE 5.

The two commentators Adriana Volpe and Sonia Bruganelli are growing, certainly more aggressive at the moment the first and always with wise words the second. The engines heat up but we expect more. VOTE 6. Fantastic debut, however, for Great Sisters, the two new popular commentators who don’t mince words. VOTE 7.

The report cards of the competitors of the fourth episode of Big Brother Vip

Let’s move on to the protagonists of this fourth episode of Big Brother Vip 2021. Let’s start with the one who has always been the protagonist in every episode so far: Soleil Rises. It divides the audience and the House, it often gets criticism but it cannot be denied that it moves dynamics and creates movement and this, in a reality show like Big Brother, is liked. VOTE 7.
Growing too the Selassié sisters, with a special mention for the eldest, Jessica, who shows character and determination, as well as maturity. Beautiful also the sensitivity of Lulu. VOTE 7.
Amedeo Goria he says he has changed about the behaviors towards Ainett that have sparked the criticism. The premises are there, we will see the rest. VOTE 5.
Alex Belli shows a very delicate part of himself and of his life, the lack of paternity. We discover a new part of the actor, almost ending up rediscovering him. VOTE 7.
Katia Ricciarelli he is certainly a key character of this edition of Big Brother Vip, too bad it is a bit heavy in some dynamics that are actually far from heavy. VOTE 5.5

Eliminated and nominated for the fourth episode of Big Brother Vip 2021

Also deserves a mention in our report cards of this fourth episode of Big Brother Vip Davide Silvestri, which shows a very fiery, decisive and even quarrelsome side of himself. Too bad it was a nomination that triggered all this. VOTE 6.
The GF Vip may not be the right place for Gianmaria Antinolfi, which episode after episode worsens its position between bad taste phrases about Soleil and gaffe. VOTE 4.
Let’s move on to the eliminated of this episode, the first of this edition, which is Tommaso Eletti. After it clash with his ex Valentina Nulli Augusti (who paved it live!), leaves the house without having given it too much. VOTE 4.
The nominees of this Friday are: Miriana Trevisan, Nicola Pisu, Andrea Casalino and Gianmaria Antinolfi. The televoting will not decree an eliminated but will affect the next nominations.



Big Brother Vip eliminated nominated report cards Tommaso Antinolfi flop

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