EU, popular and sovereignists are approaching: support for the candidate for the presidency of Parliament. Salvini calls for a single group, but the EPP: “Never with whom is against the euro”

EU, popular and sovereignists are approaching: support for the candidate for the presidency of Parliament. Salvini calls for a single group, but the EPP: “Never with whom is against the euro”
EU, popular and sovereignists are approaching: support for the candidate for the presidency of Parliament. Salvini calls for a single group, but the EPP: “Never with whom is against the euro”

the European rights they return to look at each other with interest, in view of the midterm vote of January which, according to the agreements between the various parties, should lead to a renewal of the posts at European Parliament, including president, vice presidents and consultants. If distances remain on the issues and the fixed point of undisputed support for the European institutions, the need to tear up appointments as favorable as possible has already set in motion the diplomacies of European People’s Party (Ppe), of the conservatives of Ecr and of the sovereigns of Identity and Democracy (Id) who, today, are trying to find an agreement on the name of the next president of the Eurochamber. As per agreement, it should be of the Popular brand and the most popular name is that of Roberta Metsola, a Maltese that appeals to the conservative wing, to a good slice of Ecr, to the most dialoguing part of the League and that, according to what has been learned from, is not disliked even by a part of the leftist formations. However, the German elections of September 26: if, as the polls say, the new chancellor will be socialist and supported by gave, with the candidate of the Spd Olaf Scholz firmly in the lead, the new German leadership will be able to assert the new specific weight also a Brussels, indicating as a successor to David Sassoli the most moderate, and appreciated by the liberal wing of the EPP, Esther de Lange, Dutch. In this context, Matteo Salvini, whose leadership within the League wobbles, raises by proposing one united European right wing formation. But the leaders of the Popolari are holding back, with Tajani and Weber in the lead.

The rights united under the name of Metsola, but the German vote can turn the situation around
The European People’s Party, weakened by a possible defeat of the Cdu in Germany which would also take away the last chancellery in the five main EU countries, tries to stick to the promise of a presidency of the Plenary. The agreement reached in July 2019 on the nominations of the presidents of the three main European bodies, the Commission, the Parliament and the EU Council, provided for a half-term mandate for the presidency of the assembly. The first of the socialist brand, with the group it has chosen David Sassoli, and the second popular brand. An agreement similar to the one that led, in the previous mandate, to the double presidency Schulz-Tajani and that does not seem to be in question at the moment, even if you give Socialists and Democrats (S&D) there are complaints about the decision to give the presidency of the Eurogroup to the Irishman of the EPP Paschal Donohoe.

But two factors will have a decisive impact on the Popular candidate for the presidency of Parliament. First of all, the appeal of the two names at the moment. And around that of Metsola the European right are grouping: the candidate is in fact supported by the more conservative wing of the EPP, but would also like a good slice of the Ecr, also having excellent relations with the representatives of Brothers of Italy, formation that also expresses the president of the conservatories with Giorgia Meloni, and a part of the Identitari, as well as a part of the left. The alternative, supported by the more liberal wing, is that of the Dutch Esther de Lange, more in line also with the favor of the Liberals and Socialists.

Precisely the outcome of the German elections can change the cards on the table: if after the vote the German chancellery will be branded Spd, it is possible that the socialists are making their leadership weigh in Germany to indicate their preferred Popular candidate, in this case de Langhe. Everything is still in progress, however, about four months after the vote in the classroom.

Salvini looks to a united right in Europe, but Tajani and Weber stop him: “Never with the anti-EU”
For their part, however, in the conservative and sovereign hemisphere that makes up the Brussels Plenary, work is already underway to find a point of connection to the Popolari. After the earthquake inside the EPP during the long discussion onexpulsion of Fidesz, the party of the Hungarian premier Viktor Orban, the Popolari have drawn one Red line apparently impassable between them and the other souls of the right: “We will never join those who question the values ​​of the European Union and the euro”, they repeated like a mantra. And now that the party, albeit weakened by the electoral results of recent years, has managed to find its own balance, the idea of ​​dealing with formations such as National Gathering from Marine Le Pen, Alternative for Germany, the Pis Polish or even the most extremist wing of the League brings to light the old internal frictions. But both FdI and Fidesz are trying to become the link between the two worlds.

He also tried Matteo Salvini, with an issue that revealed the real ambitions of the League, or at least part of it: “The German vote on Sunday will change the European and continental balances for the next twenty years – he declared – And have three center-right divided in Parliament European, a piece in the Popolari, one in the Conservatori and one in the Identitari, gives us less strength. From Sunday evening the world can change, even in the EPP family in Europe. If after the epic Merkel the CDU exited the government after 15 years, certain winks with the center-left in Europe would be punished by the voters and this would require a repositioning also at the European level ”. Words which were followed by a real appeal to the other souls of the European right: “Let’s join forces, overcome selfishness, fences and divisions. If these three groups came together, we could be the first group in the European Parliament and be incisive on agriculture, trade, immigration and foreign policy. Europe is funny right now and we don’t count a damn anywhere. I continue to believe and propose to unite the center-right forces in Italy ”.

In the EPP, at the moment, such a possibility is not yet taken into consideration, despite a good portion of the 29 League members MEPs, popular sources say., are ready to migrate to the ranks of the main European political group. It is easier for the issue to return to current affairs in 2023, when Italy will return to voting and the game of alliances will also expand to the EU panorama. The closure is also confirmed by the response of the popular leaders to the words of the leader of Carroccio: “The vote in Germany will not change the balance – he pointed out Antonio Tajani – The EPP is the largest group and recognizes itself in certain values, I think it is right to collaborate but it seems impossible for a single group to be born. We have very clear positions on fundamental issues such as Europe or the euro. It is possible to dialogue but it is impossible for the EPP to dialogue with AFD or with Le Pen because they are against Europe ”. He also reiterated it Manfred Weber: “The EPP group has a clear idea about the future of Europe, we believe in a strong united Europe and anyone who defines himself as a Christian Democrat, whoever wants to keep the center-right united, must first think about a united Europe and this is the criterion “.

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