Tommaso Eletti eliminated. Lulù talks about Manuel “I’m fine with him”

Tommaso Eletti eliminated. Lulù talks about Manuel “I’m fine with him”
Tommaso Eletti eliminated. Lulù talks about Manuel “I’m fine with him”

Big Brother Vip, fourth episode direct: two new commentators arrive.


01.02 We go back to talking about the black envelope concerning the three princesses, the message says “the princesses don’t tell us right”. Signorini says their university has asked for a correction because they never graduated from their university. The princesses say they graduated online

01.00 The princesses mention Sami

00.54 Back to the nominations Jo votes Nicola, Manuel – Miriana, Katia – Gianmaria

00.48 Raffaella votes for Miriana. In the last few days he received a plane from his Pieroe 100 red roses

00.45 Nicola – Ainette, Francesca – Davide, Miriana – Amedeo, Davide – Andrea

00.43 Giucas appoints Amedeo, Goria – Andrea, Ainett – Miriana, Sophie – Gianmaria, Samy – Nicola, Gianmaria – Nicola, Andrea – Davide

00.40 The immune of Sonia and Adriana are: Soleil and Katia

00.38 Tonight they are immune: Carmen Russo, Jo Squillo, Alex Belli, raffaella Fico, Manila Nazzaro, Manuel Bortuzzo and the Selassiè sisters

00.22 Alex and Manila in the LED room to talk about parenting after the story of carmen Russo who became a mother after assisted fertilization

00.20 Bruganelli runs to the rescue of Gianmaria who is unable to speak

00.13 Soleil and Gianmaria resume arguing reiterating things already said several times. Soleil bursts into tears … without tears though

00.07 Soleil: «I’m hurt, my only mistake was having a weakness towards me, but hearing him say that my father doesn’t want to be with me for more than three days and really incommentable. I have no real interest in arguing, I always pass for the executioner when I try to be only clear and correct. I find your behavior bashful, I forgive you everything but you have to stop talking behind my back, it’s shameful “

00.06 Gianmaria: «Regardless of what we said, Soleil and I love each other. I’m sorry if I didn’t have the patience that love requires, but I’ve always been consistent with what I said and felt “

00.01 we return to talk about Soleil and Gianmaria, let’s review the clip

Big Brother Vip, Soleil attacks Gianmaria: “I don’t like to pass for a bitch, he’s a beaten dog”

00.00 The black envelope concerns one of the women of the house

23.50 Remote voting closed, Tommaso Eletti eliminated

23.45 The boys had the opportunity to read soacial messages from outside. Ainette admits that there are three guys in the house she likes, one of them is Samy

23.41 It’s Manuel’s turn, while the audience applauds

23.34 The princesses in the confessional to comment on the clip. Lulù: «We met immediately, she is very sweet, it is difficult to find such a person. I’m fine with him “

23.32 We turn the page and talk about the kiss between Lulu and Manuel

23.20 Davide is among the nominees and last Monday he did not take the nomination very well, in particular he lashed out at Andrea calling him “clown”

Big brother Vip, Valentina drowns Tommaso: «You must be ashamed. You insulted and threatened me “

23.15 Connection with Aldo Montano currently in quarantine who will soon return to the house

23.12 The two ladies are Rosella and Adriana

22.50 Valentina ex of Tommaso Eletti enters the house to talk with him

Big Brother Vip, Tommaso Zorzi attacks Signorini and Ricciarelli: “Obtuse no but rich * and yes?”

22.32 Ricciarelli: «I would like to have fun and I want not to be offended on my person, never dull. I’ve been traveling the world for 50 years, you don’t have my path, as you dare to talk about me ».

22.26 Katia Ricciarelli is again nervous with the boys of the house for having called her “obtuse”. Clip

22.20 Go into the house to beat your dad but at the same time encourage him

Big Brother Vip, Lulu against Soleil: “You’re a rude”, she freezes her “You a baby”

22.05 On the catwalk there is Guenda, the daughter of Amedeo Goria ready to talk to her father, in the meantime let’s review the controversy last week

21.52 Miriam: “Soleil doesn’t let you talk, he tries to hit you in every way, leave the glasses around”. Soleil “She’s all pretty in front, then behind … zac”

21.49 Guys watch a video where each girl has something against each other. In particular, there is Soleil defined as rude

21.43 Signorini greets the boys in the house, there is a black envelope

21.40 It begins! They are over 70 years old, they are sisters and they are the new commentators of GFVip who will soon enter the studio

21.38 The advances by Alfonso Signorini for the preview of the fourth episode of Big Brother Vip

Read also> Very true, Sonia Bruganelli: «Bonolis? I would remarry him. I was afraid of not being up to it “

Tommaso Eletti and Davide Silvestri are the nominees of the fourth episode of Big Brother Vip. Tonight one of the two will have to leave the house. But in the house of GFVip first loves are born, on Thursday morning Princess Lulù and Manuel Bortuzzo exchanged sweet effusions under the sheets and the first kiss was also taken.

The saga also continues Soleil Sorgé – Gianmaria Antinolfi. The two ex now at loggerheads can’t stand each other anymore, yet they continue to look for each other, what will happen?

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