Santori uses children for voting: now he launches the “giant hide and seek”

Santori uses children for voting: now he launches the “giant hide and seek”
Santori uses children for voting: now he launches the “giant hide and seek”

I have no dislike for the “atypical citizen, earth sardine and political apprentice” who responds to the name of Mattia Santori. She is young, she has so many of that hair to be envied, she defends her ideas and she does it freely. Nothing to complain. But this election campaign of his in Bologna as an “independent in the Democratic Party” (which then, but what does this mean?) Is giving us unimaginable pearls.

Mattia-the-candidate wants to “preside over politics from within the institutions”, hopes to reform the “participatory budget” of the city, wants to “improve the neighborhood houses” and is convinced that he is fighting “anti-politics with more politics”. In short: this is the leader of the Sardines. With the addition of a dream in the drawer: that of seeing Bologna in Bologna construction of the first stage of the frisbee. Legitimate aspiration, which naturally elicited giggles and generated lasting jeers.

However, it would have been difficult to imagine that the piddina fish adventure would have gone even worse. Of course: everyone is free to “close” up to the vote in a hermitage that welcomes migrants. Nobody can stop you from criticizing “a private broadcaster like dazn”Because he chooses match times and ends up creating endless queues in the stadium area from the Ara. Cast the first stone if you have not run for the party at least once that only a few months earlier had defined a “toxic brand“. And if you want to antagonize half the city by devising a second-car parking fee for residents, you are perfectly free to commit suicide politically. Everything is fine. But closing the electoral campaign with a giant hide-and-seek seems objectively too much even for those who have invented a square of sardines in anti-legacy sauce.

Why use children for their own election campaign it’s neither nice nor fair. Told by those who have been with the boys, when you make a choice of field of this type, it would always be advisable to leave out the young recruits. Bringing them to the streets, even just for fun, sounds out of tune. And don’t tell us that “children don’t vote”, because mothers and fathers do. And al maxi hide and seek santorian, it goes without saying, the little ones are invited to come “with a parent”. Do you remember the protests of the left when Salvini brought a little girl from Bibbiano to the stage in Pontida? Or when he organized a meeting from the Emilian village of the entrusting scandal? Santori said that those were “exploited families”. Here: hide and seek does not go very far, since two Pd candidates organize it. An old wise man suggested: “Whoever is an educator with children cannot have party cards”. Perhaps he was exaggerating, because committing himself to the city is a good thing. But from here to “involve” the very young in the electoral campaign passes. Politics is not a game.


Santori children voting launches giant hide seek

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