Conte’s last turn on the Lega (and Salvini)

Conte’s last turn on the Lega (and Salvini)
Conte’s last turn on the Lega (and Salvini)

Curious and yet another case of change of line for the former premier Giuseppe Conte, who yesterday made his “professionalism” available to the League on the case of the 49 million and today instead attacks the Carroccio head-on for the same reason.

In these hours, in Rome, the former Prime Minister, responding to a protester during a rally in support of the outgoing mayor Virginia Raggi, invited the person who disturbed his speech to go to the nearby training banquet led by the former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini also to ask for the “49 million”, as described in this video published on The Corriere della Sera. “We respect everyone, it is the others who often do not respect the Italians with nonsense”, began the grillino, speaking of his former government allies. And then the jab on an issue on which, with all evidence, the former sovereignist must have changed his mind: “Go to the Lega banquet, it’s nearby a few meters away. Ask them, even about the 49 million … “. Needless to be surprised.

In short, at Villa Lazzaroni, contismo went on stage again, with all its usual ones contradictions. The tendency of this renewed version of Conte seems to be to try to cancel the political background, especially the yellow-green phase. To note the “falsehood” of the lawyer originally from Volturara Appula was also the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, as well as President and Senator of Italy Viva, Teresa Bellanova, that’s on Twitter he has

. A video in which the new leader of the 5 Star Movement spoke at the time of the “objective difficulty of the League”. Not only that: the pentastellato summit, in the video, asserts that, in the event that he had not had to carry out the post of prime minister, he would have “offered” to defend the League. But then something similar had already happened a few weeks ago.

How can we forget, in fact, the episode through which “the people’s advocate” asserted that he did not share the same security decrees who had signed as premier? The tactic is always the same, even at the cost of denying himself: “They have put tens of thousands of migrants dispersed in the suburbs and countryside on the street,” said the former prime minister on measures that he more than shared as the top of the executive who approved those measures. To varying degrees, but by means of the same political style, today the news repeats itself.

Gabriella Giammanco, senator of Forza Italia, said her a close turn on the Contiana spin: “You will learn at your expense that in the long journey of life you will meet many masks and few faces” – he said via Twitter -. And again: “This phrase by Pirandello fits perfectly to the double face of Giuseppe Conte … first he offers himself as a lawyer then he turns into a vulture … zero intellectual honesty!”. Even the party led by Silvio Berlusconi denotes the five-star tactics on the issue of 49 million.

Jacopo Jacoboni, journalist and author of The Experiment and of L’Esuzione (both for Laterza),

, he had also written: “Quam mutatus ab illo! some time ago, about 49 million, he said instead that he, Salvini’s lawyer, would have done too”. The video posted is that of Bellanova, that is a video broadcast on SkyTg24.

The election campaign of Roma it was also an opportunity to define “false” the rumors according to which Conte would run for the college of Rome1 if Gualtieri were elected as mayor of the capital: “Sare interesting – the grillino leader pointed out, as retraced by the Agi – but false. Right now my goal is to re-oxygenate the M5s. I have already refused to run to the Primavalle supplementary for this “. Not the declining polls and the fear of not being elected: we are sure.

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