Interview with Sergio Iacomini, the Nerone who wants to be mayor

Interview with Sergio Iacomini, the Nerone who wants to be mayor
Interview with Sergio Iacomini, the Nerone who wants to be mayor

He wants to see “Resurrect Rome” because of this Sergio Iacomoni, better known as Nero, is a candidate for mayor. Since 1994, the year of its foundation, he has been president of the Roman Historical Group with which he contributed to enhance and tell the history of Rome through re-enactments and events that have attracted and thrilled thousands of fans. Today takes the field “For the democratic conquest of the Capitoline Hill” and to awaken Roman pride. But not just a look at what the city was: Nero also has clear ideas about today’s Rome, from the waste emergency to the reform for the cut of the Capitoline councilors. RomaToday met him before the elections on 3 and 4 October: when the Romans will have to choose the next mayor of Rome.

Sergio Iacomoni mayor: here is the program of the Historical Movement Lista Nerone

Over thirty years of commitment to enhance the history and culture of Rome. Where did the idea of ​​running for mayor come from?

In all these years of activity, no administration has been sensitive to evaluating “Roman pride” as a resource for our city. Despite the countless attempts made by us, by many other realities similar to ours and by tens of thousands of citizens, deliberately obscure and underestimate this phenomenon which in my opinion could still become an excellent tourist and cultural attraction.

In one of the points of his program there is the exaltation of Rome. Do you think the city has been left to sloppiness in recent years? And what did the previous administrations do wrong?

The previous administrations have aimed only to live off taxes and state contributions, while we are convinced that Rome has the potential to live and profit from what fortunately already has, art, history and culture

Among the great themes of Rome there is certainly that of waste. You write in your electoral program “waste reduction by 2030” but the need for a landfill seems urgent. Would you make it in Rome and yes, where? How to convince the citizens of the area in which it will arrive to accept the plant?

No one is willing to accept a waste treatment plant without having anything in return despite the fact that today these plants are quite safe and low-polluting. I am convinced that if, together with the proposal for the construction of the plant, we also offer the cancellation of the tax on waste or sports facilities or anything else that might appeal to a community, there would be much less resistance. Do ut des.

She would like fewer elected officials in the Capitol. How much would the current 48 directors reduce? And by doing so, is there no risk of reducing the representativeness of the electoral body?

No! our proposal is to seat the 15 Presidents of the Municipalities in the Capitol to replace 15 Councilors. First of all, 15 salaries would be saved. The City would certainly be more represented: there were Presidents of the Town Hall with 70,000 votes and Capitoline councilors elected with 200 votes. There would certainly be a closer connection with the territories and citizens.

In his electoral program a point is dedicated to the celebration of holidays and anniversaries, to the need to honor the history and people of Rome by recognizing the greatness and pride of its heroes and even its antagonists. Why this choice and how to achieve all this?

We are talking about the most important history of humanity if it is not exalted by the city where it all started who could remember all the great characters who have been part of it? We recognize the greatness of the antagonistic peoples in Rome for this reason we want to remember them and give a sign of friendship and brotherhood.

Of the four major competitors for the Capitol (Calenda, Gualtieri, Michetti and Raggi) which one is closest to your vision of the city and why? With whom would you like to start a dialogue to carry out the projects of your movement?

Beyond the personal sympathy I may have for Raggi and Michetti we will not start any dialogue with anyone, they all belong to the old politics that reduced Rome and Italy as you see it!

I leave you room for a final appeal. Why should the Romans vote Sergio Iacomoni known as Nero mayor of Rome?

Those who feel proud of being Roman cannot miss this opportunity!

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