Speranza boys and Bersani do not vote for the green pass … of Speranza – Il Tempo

Speranza boys and Bersani do not vote for the green pass … of Speranza – Il Tempo
Speranza boys and Bersani do not vote for the green pass … of Speranza – Il Tempo

Dark Bincher

September 24, 2021

All eyes on Matteo Salvini and the divisions within his League, so everyone missed the real bombshell in the final vote in the House on the green pass decree. And it was the surprise of Leu, a small group compared to the League, but significant as expressed by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza. Yet it was mainly his own who betrayed the minister’s hard line on the pass: the most absent from the final vote among all the groups in the House: 50% did not press the button that was used for the final call as requested and did not want to say so. yes to the green pass.

Just to make a comparison, in the League the dissidence was of 45% of the group. And among the absentees of Leu also an important face like that of Pierluigi Bersani, who did not give his yes to the final vote (the overall one on the whole text to be transmitted in the Senate) to the green pass decree. To tell the truth, Bersani took part in the previous votes by rejecting, as requested by the government, amendments especially by the Brothers of Italy and the former grillini who wanted to dismantle the system of the provision as it had been calibrated in the council of ministers led by Mario Draghi. But then his signature on the green pass was missing, who knows if for having left the classroom at the wrong time or for political choice.

However, it was not a personal case, because half of Speranza’s group made the same choice: either by not signing up for the final text or by completely blocking the classroom work. It was the most undisciplined majority group on a par with the Democratic Center of Bruno Tabacci (another unsuspected on paper) and in front of the League. But also throughout the center-right the waters on the green pass were agitated, much more than it appears later in the television hosts. Indeed, the overall result by unifying groups that are in the opposition (Brothers of Italy) and therefore vote against by mission, to those who are in the government the result of that final vote on the green pass is more than clear.

On paper, the numbers said 275 deputies. But 24 were on a mission and therefore could not participate in the vote, so the theoretical participants were 251. 124 deserted the vote and even 4 voted against and one abstained. In the ranks of the center-right therefore 51.39% of those elected did not say yes to the green pass. The biggest bad mouths were in the League and were known, but not even 37.68% of Forza Italia, as well as the entire group of Fratelli di Italia and 35% of Coraggio Italia, did not say yes. Among the surprises there is also a no in the ballot box from a Forza Italia deputy, Veronica Giannone, who however has not publicly claimed the gesture of breaking with the indications of the party and the government in which she is in the majority.

To the right and left, the cheeks are there and do not seem irrelevant at all. Even in the M5s 30 out of 136 did not participate in the vote, while another 23 went on a mission to avoid the problem. In the Democratic Party, 13 were missing while 10 were on a mission. In Italy Viva disappeared at the time of the vote in 4 and another 5 were on mission. Given the not exactly exciting parade, two leading exponents of Forza Italia such as Renato Brunetta and Gregorio Fontana who were legitimately on a mission for institutional commitments in the final vote appeared and wanted to show their yes on the scoreboard. But in the end that pass seemed indigestible to a large part of Parliament (perhaps because the rules have now also been extended to deputies), even heavier than it seems to be in the country.

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