but 1.5 million without first dose

Over three million over 50s without a first dose – The situation among the over 50s remains difficult: in this category 3,249,712 Italians have not received even the first dose of the vaccine. This is 11.7% of the total. Compared to a week ago 174 thousand more people are immunized.

No vaccine for nearly two out of a hundred health workers – Even without the first dose, there are 36,096 people working in healthcare, that is 1.84% out of an audience of 1,959,546 employees. On the other hand, 94.53% of the total is vaccinated, i.e. 1,852,317 people.

Among the over 80 immunized, 92.55% – Over nine out of ten over 80s have completed the vaccination cycle: 92.55% of the total is immunized against 92.35% last week. There are therefore 4,223,086 immunized out of 4,562,910 people. Between the ages of 70 and 79, the percentage drops to 89.56% (a week ago it was 89.1%), i.e. 5,390,753 people out of a total of 6,019,293.

Son: the administration of the first doses is increasing – The Commissioner for Emergency Francesco Figliuolo says that since Monday the administration of the first doses has increased by 32.5%, confirming the positive trend of the last few days. According to the latest data, between 20 and 23 September an average of 80,500 first doses were injected per day compared to 60,700 on 13-16 September. The most significant differences are in the 30-59 year olds: + 79% between 50-59 year olds, + 62% between 40-49 year olds, + 41% between 30-39 year olds.


million dose

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