we will resume hands amputation and executions- Corriere.it

we will resume hands amputation and executions- Corriere.it
we will resume hands amputation and executions- Corriere.it

Nooruddin Turabi, the new head of the Afghan prison system, said that the practice of mutilating the condemned, or condemning them to death, would resume: “But maybe not in public.” Perhaps the resumption of stoning for adulterous women

KABUL – Here we go again. The new Taliban regime is seriously considering to return to the extreme forms of punishment of the past as the hand cutting for thieves and the executions for the most serious crimes.

Still don’t talk about stoning for adulterous women, however, the theme is in the air.

This was declared by a big shot of the old Emirate that ruled in Kabul between 1996 and 2001. It is the mullah Nooruddin Turabi, former Minister of Justice and the infamous Ministry for the Protection of Virtue and the Persecution of Vice (just reopened in place of the one for Women’s Rights) and currently in charge of the prison system.

«The punitive amputations they are necessary to ensure our safety internal », he reiterates in some interviews widely taken up by the international press and the Afghan media. TO

his say, such punitive forms may not take place in public, as was the case for “deterrent” purposes two decades ago.

The inhabitants of Kabul still have the memory of stonings in front of the crowd
in the municipal stadium and in the square of the great Ein Gah mosque. But virtually every town and village in the country had venues for those grisly spectacles, which often took place after services in mosques every Friday in the middle of the day.

Mullah Turabi was a staunch supporter of this. He himself had lost an eye and a leg fighting as a young man against the Soviet army. In recent days he has spoken out in favor of the public humiliation of street thieves.

Taliban patrols have the power to beat them, dye their faces black and show them to people in the chests of their jeeps with their shoes stuck in their mouths. Turabi now reiterates that these are choices that are made exclusively by the Taliban leaders. “No one else has the right to dictate what our laws will be,” he says, rejecting protests from international human rights organizations.

On the other hand, it is also evident that the Taliban leadership remains divided between radical conservatives and more moderate elements and concerned about being recognized by the international community. The hope remains strong of making one’s reasons heard as soon as possible before the UN assembly.

In the last hours the mullah Mohammad Yaqoob, new defense minister and son of the movement’s founding leader Mullah Omar, he harshly condemned what he called “executions and revenge for personal reasons”.

He said all the leaders and officials of the old governments who collaborated with the US-led international coalition were pardoned. And the cases of violence and abuse against them must be investigated with possible punishments for the perpetrators.

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resume hands amputation executions Corriereit

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