even quick salivary swabs are useful for having it- Corriere.it

even quick salivary swabs are useful for having it- Corriere.it
even quick salivary swabs are useful for having it- Corriere.it

The secretary of the League against the circular of the Ministry of Health: “All tampons must be useful for the purposes of the green pass”

“Molecular salivary tests yes, rapid ones still no. And we hope that all the pads can be useful for the purposes of the Green pass ».

To say this – defying, in fact, the Ministry of Health led by Roberto Speranza, who gave an opposite opinion on rapid salivary swabs on Friday 24 September – was today in Bologna Matteo Salvini, leader of the League.

According to Salvini, in mid-October – the date of entry into force of the decree that obliges people to have a green pass in order to work – «we condemn millions of Italians who have had Covid and are cured of Covid to isolation. There are millions of Italians who have had Covid, are cured and do not have the Green pass. Common sense and balance are needed and the tampons must obviously be paid by the State, neither by the worker nor by the company ».

In the afternoon today, the Ministry of Health clarified that “rapid antigen tests on saliva, based on the available evidence, are not currently recommended as an alternative to gold / nasopharyngeal swabs, as they do not reach the minimum acceptable levels of sensitivity and specificity. In addition, salivary matrix antigen tests are currently excluded from the common European list of rapid antigen tests valid for obtaining the green COVID-19 certification ».

To be valid for the purpose of obtaining the green pass are the molecular salivary tests.

As highlighted by the circular from the Ministry of Health, the problem with rapid salivary tests is that of reliability. As explained here, the sensitivity is not very high and decreases after the first five days of the onset of symptoms. Furthermore – explains the Ministry – «the correct collection of the salivary sample is a crucial step. Samples can be heterogeneous (oral saliva, posterior oropharyngeal saliva) and different techniques and collection sites can have an impact on the sensitivity of the method. Furthermore, the saliva samples can be mucous and viscous, causing processing difficulties ».

“Salivary tests have an indication for situations in which in a short time you have to allow a large number of people to enter the classroom, by plane or train – explains Sergio Abrignani, full professor of General Pathology at the State University of Milan and Director of the National Institute of Molecular Genetics “Romeo and Enrica Invernizzi”, as well as a member of the Technical-Scientific Committee, guest of Agorà Estate on Rai Tre -. They have a very limited sensitivity, they mitigate the risk but there is nothing that eliminates it. The vaccine protects 98% of cases from death, 95% from severe disease and 80% from infection. The salivary swab makes sense for occasional screening, but not for daily screening. To say that the salivary test swab replaces the vaccine is wrong, it cannot be an alternative ».

The green pass – mandatory to work from 15 October – is the certification that is up to the vaccinated (with at least one dose), to those who have recovered from Covid in the previous six months and to all those who test negative for a molecular or rapid swab.

Its validity varies according to the requirement under which it was obtained: for those who have completed the vaccination cycle it is valid for 12 months, for those who have taken the first dose of Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca it is valid until the administration of the second injection; for those who are negative to the tampon it is valid for 48 hours and, finally, for those who are cured it is valid for 6 months from the healing.

Anyone who gets vaccinated now with the first dose of double-dose vaccines would have a valid green pass
14 days after administration.

For those who have contracted the disease in the past and then get vaccinated, the green pass is valid from the day of administration.

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