The government has approved a decree to contain the price increases of electricity and gas bills in the next three months

On Thursday the Council of Ministers approved a decree law thanks to which the prices of electricity and gas bills will be reduced in the next three months. The goal is to contain the effects of the increases in energy prices: it is estimated that from 1 October the prices of gas bills may rise by more than 30%, and those of electricity by 20%.

The government has therefore decided that for all users of natural gas, the VAT on gas which is currently set at 10 and 22%, depending on consumption, will be lowered to 5%, and system charges will be zeroed (costs system management, independent of user consumption).

As regards electricity, the increases in the bills of people who already benefit from the “electric social bonus” (a discount on the bill for families who find themselves in conditions of economic or physical hardship) will be eliminated: they are in total about 3 millions of families, which include families with an ISEE lower than € 8,265, families with at least 4 children and with an ISEE below € 20,000, income earners or citizenship pensions, and people in serious health conditions. The same measure will also apply to the approximately 2.5 million households that benefit from the “gas bonus”.

Furthermore, from October to December, the system charges will be eliminated in the bills of approximately 6 million very small and small businesses and of approximately 29 million domestic customers with low voltage users and contracts up to 16.5kW.

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