Tax: part of the excerpt of the folders, via the roles under 5 thousand euro – Economy

Tax: part of the excerpt of the folders, via the roles under 5 thousand euro – Economy
Tax: part of the excerpt of the folders, via the roles under 5 thousand euro – Economy

The Revenue Agency cleans up the large archive of tax records not yet collected and disputed until 2010. The ‘excerpt’ operation starts, which will lead to the automatic cancellation of all amounts registered in the role of up to 5 thousand euros. That will not apply to everyone: it is in fact foreseen that taxpayers will have to have a taxable income of up to 30 thousand euros, whether they are individuals or whether they are entities or companies. The technical procedures are set out in a circular signed by the director Ernesto Maria Ruffini. The folder will be canceled even if of a higher total value but with individual roles of less than 5 thousand euros.

In the circular signed by the director of the Revenue Agency and issued in agreement with the Revenue-Collection Agency, clarifications are provided on the debts that can be canceled, on the taxpayers who can benefit from the measure and on the timing.

WHICH PAYABLES CAN BE “WRITTEN” – The Sostegni decree provided for the automatic cancellation of all debts with a residual amount as of 23 March 2021 up to 5 thousand euros, including capital, interest for delayed registration in the role and penalties, resulting from the individual charges entrusted to the agent of the collection from 1 January 2000 to 31 December 2010 from any creditor body (except for the debts expressly excluded, listed in the document of practice). Compliance with the ceiling must be calculated taking into account the capital, the interest for delayed registration in the role and the penalties, while the premiums and interest on arrears and any procedural costs are excluded from the calculation. If the taxpayer has several charges registered in the role, the amount of each counts: if the individual charges do not exceed 5 thousand euros, they can all benefit from the cancellation. The excerpt also applies to debts falling under the “Scrapping-ter”, the “Balance and excerpt” and the “Reopening of the terms”. On the website of the Revenue-Collection Agency it is possible to check whether the debts admitted to the aforementioned facilitated definitions can be canceled.

THE CONTRIBUTORS CONCERNED – For the ‘stake’ relating to income, the reference year is 2019. The debts that can be subject to an excerpt must refer to natural persons and subjects other than natural persons who have achieved, respectively, in the 2019 tax year and in the current tax period as of 31 December 2019, a taxable income of up to 30 thousand euros. For natural persons, the 2020 Single Certifications and the 730 and PF 2020 Income declarations present in the database of the Revenue Agency as of 14 July 2021 are taken into consideration. For subjects other than natural persons, reference is made to the declaration models Income Joint-stock companies, partnerships, non-commercial entities, in the title page of which a tax period is indicated which includes the date of 31 December 2019.

HOW THE EXTRACTION HAPPENS – The Revenue Agency carries out checks on the possession of the requisites by the taxpayers concerned, reporting the tax codes that remain out for exceeding the income requirement, and by 30 September will give the green light for the cancellation. The collection agent will automatically arrange for the Excerpt; the taxpayer will be able to verify that the debts have been canceled by consulting his debt situation in the manner made available by the collection agent. The payables subject to the Extract are all automatically canceled on 31 October 2021.

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