Rome, Pd and M5S are already negotiating on the college of Gualtieri to send Conte to Parliament

Giuseppe Conte is already negotiating with the Democratic Party for the ballot in Rome. It was predictable from the start. Gualtieri’s criticism of the Rays administration is all crap, just as no one believes the outgoing mayor who still dusts off the slogan of change.

A painful staging, even if the media focus their crossfire only on Enrico Michetti. Meanwhile, Giuseppe Conte makes the deal behind the Romans, between a selfie with his “girls” and an aperitif. “If Gualtieri will be mayor of Rome – he writes The messenger – will leave his post as a deputy e Conte will run to the supplementary for the single-member college of Rome I. With guaranteed victory and the former premier’s entry into Parliament for the first time ”.

A background that comes from the ranks of those who are very close to Conte. And the Democratic Party would be well disposed towards an agreement of this type to secure the votes of the pentastellati in the Roman ballot. “The rumor that circulates among the stars – he writes The messenger – is this: Conte needs to stay in the Chamber also because the games are being played there for the election of the President of the Republic, at the beginning of February, and in his absence the dominus would be Di Maio… “.

Ma in the Democratic Party not everyone agrees and circulates another hypothesis: “That college of Rome I so important, which was super-big like Gentiloni before passing to the former minister Gualtieri, it should and could of course go to Zingaretti which is the maximum weight of the party in the capital, even if in this case we would go to vote for the Region in advance and not in 2023. In short, Conte is aiming at us but there are obstacles ”.


Rome M5S negotiating college Gualtieri send Conte Parliament

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