Milan, Giacomo Sartori’s body found: the hypothesis of suicide


He was found lifeless Giacomo Sartori, the 29-year-old who disappeared on Friday 18 September shortly before midnight after an evening with friends in a club in Viale Vittorio Veneto in Milan where he was the victim of yet another theft. His body was allegedly found in a farmhouse in Casorate Primo, in the province of Pavia, not far from where his car had also been traced. Skytg24 reports it.

Milan, Giacomo Sartori’s body found: reconstruction

Perhaps driven by anger or frustration at the loss of the backpack, containing the computer personal and corporate, the mobile phone work, wallet with money e documents, the computer technician originally from Mel (Belluno) may have decided to give the hunt for thieves through technology.

The boy’s car was found on Wednesday 22 in Casorate Primo, 30 kilometers from Milan. A place never visited by the 29-year-old. The car was closed, with only the receipt of the nonpayment of the toll of the A7 within it. The 21 km traveled on the motorway by the young man, who knew he could not pay at the toll booth, remain a mystery, as reported by Corriere della Sera.

The hypothesis is that Giacomo Sartori has tracked the stolen phone through the appropriate apps. At 2.30am, his personal cell phone produced data traffic. You would then connected to the internet with his personal smartphone, perhaps to call his brother away WhatsApp, even though the call went unanswered.

The boy’s car was framed by video cameras surveillance through the streets of the center of Casorate and then back to Motta Visconti. A strange tour, which would feed the hypothesis of a nocturnal search, as if it were following a signal or even following the instructions to recover the stolen goods.

Milan, Giacomo Sartori’s body found: the discovery

The Carabinieri of the investigative unit of the Porta Magenta Company of Milan do not currently exclude any leads, including the responsibility of third parties in the disappearance of Giacomo Sartori, but, as reported by Repubblica, a chain and an electric wire would have been found next to the body around the neck, elements that would suggest the suicide.

Beyond 50 operators of the Arma, Fire Brigade and Civil Protection, with molecular dogs, drones, helicopters and horses they beat a large area before the discovery.

Virgil News | 09-24-2021 12:10

Photo source: ANSA

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