Meloni trades right-wing No Vax protestors with social centers and insults them from the stage

Meloni trades right-wing No Vax protestors with social centers and insults them from the stage
Meloni trades right-wing No Vax protestors with social centers and insults them from the stage


In Turin, the leader of FdI railed against a group of demonstrators who disturbed her rally. “Clowns, ridiculous, white servants of the system, the Lamorgese should clear you.” Too bad they weren’t squatters, but former Melonian militants who blame them for “betrayal” on the green pass

Valerio Valentini

24 set 2021

The scene would appear to be the same one a thousand times already seen. A group of protesters who disturbs the rally, the leader on duty who, after having endured for a while, decides to turn to the agitators and set the square against him. Only this time, Giorgia Meloni found herself in a funny mess. Because in Turin, shouting slogans against her, were not “ridiculous clowns of social centers”, as the leader of the Brothers of Italy has labeled them from the stage in Piazza Castelli. No, “Those white guards of the strong powers” were actually No Vax. Who did not criticize in the name of the revolution of the proletariat, but accused it of treason on the green pass.

And if it already seems so grotesque, we must also add that leading the handful of counter-protesters adhering to the “La Variante Torinese” committee was Marco Liccione, a long-time militant who had started his political career right in the Brothers of Italy, before being excluded from the party’s electoral lists and reinventing himself as a crowd agitator against lockdown first, then vaccines. And in fact he, captured by the cameras of local newspapers while holding the megaphone and disputing the vaccination turn of Meloni, his amazement at having been associated with “social centers” expressed it in a long post on Facebook.

Meloni, of course, could not have known. And for this he dusted off the old “anti-communist” paraphernalia of his youth. In short, reciting the same script interpreted by Renata Polverini in that of Genzano di Roma, in 2011 (“Ticks like you don’t scare me”), and even earlier, and certainly with a consummate histrionic style, by Silvio Berlusconi in 2009, in Cisinello Balsamo (“You are still and today as always poor Communists !!”). So, here she is Meloni, who arrived in Turin to support Paolo Damilano’s candidacy for mayor, who inveighs, also fishing a little in the conspiracy and anti-establishment rhetoric dear to her propaganda: “I was never afraid of you. You just feel sorry for it. White Guards of the strong powers. Ridiculous. Revolutionary child clowns financed by the system, covered by the system. Pay the rents of the social centers, instead of occupying with citizens’ money ”. All according to script, in fact. Except that this time the plot had been changed, and the dramatic ending turned into farce.

  • Valerio Valentini

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Meloni trades rightwing Vax protestors social centers insults stage

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