Carles Puigdemont returns free, but the Catalan leader will have to remain in Sardinia until the decision on his extradition to Spain

Carles Puigdemont is free again, but will have to stay in Sardinia. This was decided by the judge of the Court of Appeal of Sassari, Plinia Azzena, according to whom the arrest of the former Catalan president, on whom a judicial proceeding is underway for the Indipendence declaration of Catalonia in 2017, it is not illegal. Accepting the request of the attorney general Gabriella Pintus, the judge however established that there is no reason to apply any precautionary measure to the independence leader, other than the obligation to remain in Sardinia pending the decision on extradition. The Spanish Supreme Court has in fact already sent the request relating to theextradition of the former Catalan president, arrested on Thursday evening at the airport of Alghero, where the independence leader had gone to participate in a series of meetings. After receiving the official notification of the arrest, the investigating judge Pedro Llarena asked the representative in Spain of Eurojust (EU judicial cooperation unit) to remit to the Italian court both the arrest warrant issued on 14 October 2019 and the preliminary questions posed to the EU general court, specifying that the arrest warrant “is currently in force”. All while today the presence with relative statements of the Catalan leader was expected before the judges of the court of Sassari, but his lawyer has asked that the session be postponed until tomorrow.

Ma Madrid does not let go and in a note from the government states that “Must submit to the action of justice” like a normal citizen. Meanwhile, hundreds of people gathered under the headquarters of the Italian consulate in Barcelona to protest against the action of the police, while the Council of the Catalan Republic has called a demonstration for Sunday at 12, as announced by the Catalan independentist and MEP Toni Comin.

However, trust flows from his entourage, since his lawyer, Gonzalo boye, speaking to Ser string he assured that “Puigdemont is very quiet. We believe the judicial authorities they will set him free, this is the fourth time this has happened ”. The lawyer added that the arrest order of the Spanish Supreme Court “is not enforceable”. Boye, who is in Sassari, then reported that “there were Spanish policemen among those who arrested him and there was no border control, they went directly to arrest him ”. However, this version was denied by the Madrid executive. Taking all these factors into account, the appeal to the EU general court to ask for the suspension of parliamentary immunity to be lifted.

The lawyer on Twitter had already explained that the independence leader was on his way to Sardinia “As an MEP”. His arrest, he argues, took place “on the basis of an international arrest warrant from 14 October 2019 which, by legal imperative – according to the statute of the Court of Justice of the European Union – has been suspended”.

The lawyer adds that “in the resolution of 30 July of the EU Court which endorsed the revocation of theparliamentary immunity by Puigdemont, the Spain he had guaranteed that no country would execute an arrest warrant of this type ”. In the same resolution, adds Boye, “the Vice-President of the Court had indicated that, where necessary, a new precautionary measure would be requested”. According to legal sources consulted by The country, the arrest warrant is still in force.

Even the head of the government, Pedro Sanchez, declared that Puigdemont “must appear before justice. I remember that when Puigdemont escaped justice there was another government. The current government has always respected judicial proceedings, whether they open in Spain, Europe or Italy. It is important to reclaim dialogue, the only way to meet again between the Catalans and all their compatriots from other parts of Spain ”.

For its part, the European Commission he pulls himself out of the question by stressing that he has “learned from the media the news of the arrest of Carles Puigdemont. It is a matter that concerns the judicial authorities and we respect their independence “, as explained by one of the spokespersons during the usual midday briefing.

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