Milan, Pioli: ‘Giroud and Calabria available, Florenzi will not be there. Here is the truth about the many injured … ‘| First page

Milan, Pioli: ‘Giroud and Calabria available, Florenzi will not be there. Here is the truth about the many injured … ‘| First page
Milan, Pioli: ‘Giroud and Calabria available, Florenzi will not be there. Here is the truth about the many injured … ‘| First page

Stefano Pioli takes the floor at a press conference on the eve of Spezia-Milan scheduled for tomorrow at 3 pm.

ON THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PRESENCE OF FANS: “Together with the fans we have more energy and enthusiasm. We started well at home, but we are only at the beginning. Tomorrow we will play away against a team to be respected a lot.”

ON THE BAD DEFEAT OF LAST YEAR: “We didn’t go to Turin thinking about last year’s 3-0 victory. Tomorrow we will have to play with our characteristics.”

ON THE CONDITIONS OF DIAZ AND IF IT CAN REST TOMORROW: “He’s fine. Tomorrow is an important match, playing the best team as always. It is important who starts the game, but it is perhaps even more important who enters later.”

ON THE IMPORTANCE OF QUALITY PLAYERS‘: “The final development often depends on the players. Luckily I have many quality players. Tomorrow we will have to be good at playing the game and understand where there can be the characteristics to unlock it.”

SU GIROUD: “Giroud can be called up, he is fine. He trained with us and I saw him well, with great enthusiasm. I have not yet decided whether from the beginning. Pellegri well, he attacks the depth well, he must do that. When they have certain characteristics they must be exploited. He is a good player and will come in handy. “

ABOUT THE MANY INJURIES OF THIS SEASON START: “I am pleased with the question, so we clarify. Since the beginning of the season we have had only two muscle injuries: that of Kessie, who was at the Olympics, and then that of Krunic, who had in the national team. The others were all fatigue. Calabria is available tomorrow. Captain when you play like this. For Bakayoko, Zlatan and Giroud they were traumas that led to inflammation. Two muscle injuries are not many. Sorry not to have everyone available, we are working on it. We have a strong squad and we use the resources “.

IF THE TEAM IS MATURE ENOUGH TO GET TO THE BOTTOM: “Yes, in the interviews they say they can win every game. We are young, but we have grown a lot in terms of maturity. We have to think about one game at a time. In Italy there is great competitiveness, so we must always be 100%”.

IF YOU WERE EXPECTING THIS NAPLES: “I expected this Napoli, it has changed little and added Anguissa who is strong. He is among the best teams in the league, he has a deep squad. I expected Napoli to be a contender for the Scudetto. The competition for the top players. four places will be a lot. I’m happy with my team, the squad is of high quality and I have many solutions. ”

IF THEY ARE LOOKING FOR A THIRD GOALKEEPER AFTER THE INJURY OF PLIZZARI: “No, we’re fine like this. We’ll go on like this.”

ON THE SMALL FIELD OF LA SPEZIA: “I don’t know the exact measurements, but you realize that it is smaller. It is clear that on paper a game of intensity awaits us. Because the spaces are smaller. Also for their attitude and ours. We must occupy the spaces well. It will also be smaller, but if you manage to move well, it is difficult for the opponent to cover everything. We will have to be very quick in the plays and in our thinking. “

IF YOU THINK THAT RAFAEL LEAO CAN HAVE 10/15 GOALS: “Tomorrow we recover Giroud and Calabria, but Florenzi will not be called up. Blunt trauma to his knee. He was sore. I hope to have it on Tuesday. He is not yet 100% physically, but he is very intelligent. I rely on how he can be. on the pitch. On Rafael Leao I think the last step is to become more concrete both in the finishing area and in the realization area. You know. It is clearly different and improved compared to last year for how he is in the game. I’m sure he will arrive. this too. Last step, very important “.

IF THE SECOND LINES HAVE BEEN PROMOTED: “Absolutely. All promoted. The team has risked little and built. Everyone is careful. Positive and important performances for the future. When the team is at 100% they are only technical choices. If, on the other hand, someone has played a little too much, they are different.” Tomorrow the line-up will be the best as I have seen the team. “

ABOUT FLORENZI: “He won’t be there due to a blunt trauma to his knee. He couldn’t train this morning, I hope he can be on Tuesday. He’s not 100% yet, but he’s an intelligent player, I count on him a lot. I hope he can get to 100% form soon. “.

ON THE IMPORTANCE OF THE 5 CHANGES AND OF HAVING FORWARDS WITH DIFFERENT CHARACTERISTICS: “As for the characteristics I think it is very stimulating for me and motivating for the team. The goal is to make better use of the characteristics. If I have a striker on the left who is good at staying wide I make him stay there, others are better by squeezing. I have to bring out their talent and it is stimulating. For them I think it is motivating and also beautiful because it is never monotonous. We always try to change something, we try situations that give us questions. For me the 5 changes are very important. rule on the long bench it was a shame to have only 3 changes. It was important, especially playing every 3 days. It does not matter the quantity of minutes, but the quality. I would play effective and time-out. For a more offensive football, beyond the half of the field, the ball is no longer passed back “.

ON MAIGNAN ACCORDING TO HIS FRENCH GOALKEEPER: “For Lafont, the club had their eyes on us before me. The club was already following Maignan, I discovered him against us. I like him very much. He is perfectly prepared to lead the team. It is a pleasure to work with him. I don’t think there are any foreclosures. The coach only has the aim of winning. If the goalkeeper is French or Italian, he changes little. “

WHAT SURPRISED HER ABOUT MAIGNAN: “In the match against LOSC last year in which we lost 3-0, I was impressed by his constant talk to lead the department. Training him I had the confirmation that he participates and it is important”.

WHAT IS LEAO’S ROLE: “When I found him on 8 July I found a different player, very eager to work and more mature. He is doing well on the left, that may be his favorite tile”.

ON THE FEW WARNINGS UNDERTAKEN UNTIL TODAY: “We are not a team that waits, so it means that we do not miss the pressure times. I also like very much that we do not take cards for protests, we must only think about playing and not waste energy in protests”.

WHAT AC MILAN NEEDS TO DO TOMORROW: “Spezia played well against Juventus, they could have gone even 3-1. We’ll have to be good at alternating situations, first of all recovering the ball high. We’ll see what game they play.”

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