“The vaccine wasn’t enough to save his life”

“The vaccine wasn’t enough to save his life”
“The vaccine wasn’t enough to save his life”

“He was vaccinated but it wasn’t enough to save his life”. This is the thought of Silvana Suriano, mother of Gianluigi Andrea Piegari, the 36-year-old doctor who died in hospital after contracting Coronavirus. An unexpected death, which came while “did the best job in the world”, as he loved to repeat “Tooth“, infected after a red code intervention on a positive patient. Vaccinated with Janssen, as explained by the mother of the doctor specialized in cosmetic surgery, “However, we need to contextualize the various situations. Consider the virulence of the infection. Not only those who made Johnson & Johnson, but also those who are vaccinated with Pfizer or Astrazeneca can contract this damn virus“.

The contagion in late August

A “street angel“, as the 118 colleagues recall, who since March 2020 was on the front line to help men and women from the same virus that then killed him. Precisely in this context Gigi contracted the Coronavirus after an intervention at home, at the end of August , in a house where there was a positive patient who was not aware of his positivity to Covid19. Admitted to Columbus Gemelli, Gianluigi Andrea Piegari passed away on September 22, after about a month in which he struggled with all the his forces in a bed in the intensive care unit.

The memory: “He was a leader”

Always ready to intervene for any emergency by inciting colleagues to shout “guys let’s do our best because it’s the best job in the world“, doctors, nurses and drivers of 118, for which he had made small stickers with the inscription”Covid19 Veterans “, they remember it as “a leader“, which always emphasized the importance of teamwork.

Father of a child

Born and raised in Albano Laziale, where he met and fell in love with Martina, the young partner who was 5 months pregnant with Gianluigi’s son, he is the mother who explains how much this child is “is already a Piegari“. “A cruel fate for our family who, after the tragic death of my husband, is facing a new misfortune“. It was in fact 2010 when Gianluigi Piegari (who bore the same name as the son to whom they had also given the middle name Andrea), lost his life in a road accident on his motorcycle.”A disgrace that, despite everything, had united our family even more“Uncle of a 5 year old niece, ‘Gigi’ “he was delighted to be a dad – still tells the mother of the 36-year-old doctor -. For this reason, when they admitted him to the hospital, I immediately thought about my nephew’s future, starting the procedures for recognizing the father’s surname.“. Martina and Gianluigi were in fact not married”and this in the event of death involves a whole series of bureaucratic delays that we are facing“. “A last gesture of love, a duty for my son“.

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