One life advances, Genoveva makes another: the diabolical plan

One life advances, Genoveva makes another: the diabolical plan
One life advances, Genoveva makes another: the diabolical plan

As soon as acquitted and considered innocent, Genoveva immediately thinks of another one: what happens to Acacias according to the previews of Una Vita

Anticipations Una Vita, comes a bad fight between Genoveva and Felipe? (photo Tv Smiles and Songs).

While you may think of the obvious, Genoveva it will not strike again Felipe. This time, in fact, the Salmeron will decide to strike a blow against their lawyer: Javier Velasco. After the process in which Genoveva is considered innocent, Felipe he loses his reason and decides to leave for Cuba to have a comparison with Santiago.

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However, Velasco continues to act badly towards Felipe because he wants to eliminate it, while going against the will of Genoveva, his client. The lawyer goes so far as to blackmail Laura to poison Felipe and kill him.

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Una Vita advances, Genoveva and Laura join forces

Genoveva e Laura (@Twitter)

When Felipe ends up in the hospital, Velasco distracts Genoveva not to make her realize the gravity of what happened, but in the end she learns about her husband and runs to the hospital. This only aggravates the position of the lawyer who returns to threaten Laura and, taken by exasperation, he also tells of his plan at the Salmeron.

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Never was a decision more wrong because it will only push away Genoveva and have a completely unexpected reaction. There Salmeron, in fact, he asks a Laura to team up to take out Velasco. Meantime, Felipe he has a strong amnesia and remembers absolutely nothing of what happened: his wife will take advantage of the moment to be near him.

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