he snatches a woman, escapes on a stolen scooter and hits three policemen

he snatches a woman, escapes on a stolen scooter and hits three policemen
he snatches a woman, escapes on a stolen scooter and hits three policemen

He robbed a woman, beat up the intervening agents, then fled on a stolen scooter and hit three policemen, sacrificed to stop the criminal’s raids for good. Scenes reminiscent of those of Grand Theft Auto, the famous video game best known as Gta. The one lived between Prenestino, Pigneto and Malatesta, on the other hand, is real life. The violent street one.

The protagonist of the story, in negative, is a 29-year-old Bosnian born in Milan, already subjected to house arrest and with an expulsion warrant from Rome on his shoulders. Everything took place on the afternoon of Thursday 23 September. The policemen had been on his trail for some time, because the young man had made himself – at least according to the investigations – responsible for a series of muggings all with the same modus operandi. Serious thefts committed mainly in the Esquilino area, but also in other districts.

The investigations led the investigators to the Prenestino Labicano area. It is between these streets that the agents followed his movements, while the young man moved aboard a Sh 125 scooter that was stolen, waiting to strike. And so it was. At via Prenestina, the 29-year-old snatched a 37-year-old woman and then escaped on foot. The agents who were on his trail pursued and blocked him. From here a violent struggle was born, with the thief able to make his way and get on the scooter that he had parked not far away to earn his escape.

A little later, the policemen – now en masse on his trail – noticed the fugitive between Pigneto and Malatesta, still aboard the stolen scooter. Certain that the criminal would have stopped the march, three agents occupied the intersection between via Erasmo Gattamelata and via Roberto Malatesta, sacrificing themselves with their bodies. The 29-year-old, on the other hand, continued the march, running over them.

The four, the thief and the three agents, fell to the ground. The Bosnian was blocked and arrested, on charges of robbery and attempted murder. The three policemen, on the other hand, were all taken to the hospital. Two of them in red code. One has suffered various injuries and bruises, another the fracture of the wrist and the third the fracture of the left foot and will have to undergo a surgical operation. Investigations are now underway to reconstruct the hits scored by the 29-year-old. Investigators are convinced that he is a serial thief.

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