Genoa’s waterfront will be green: here is the new waterfront

Genoa’s waterfront will be green: here is the new waterfront
Genoa’s waterfront will be green: here is the new waterfront

New ‘green’ details are added to the project of the Levante Waterfront, conceived by Renzo Piano, who will redesign the area of ​​the former Fiera di Genova. According to what was announced by the mayor Marco Bucci, there will also be a green area called “Park of the Foce”.

The park will have an area of ​​65 thousand square meters and will extend from the beginning of Corso Italia to Forte Stella – piazzale Kennedy included – with about four thousand trees.
“Genoa will have the record of the green part and not just an eco-sustainable port”, declared Mayor Bucci, guest of the “Liguria hub of boating” conference organized at the Boat Show, which ended on 21 September.

The mayor has assured that the canals will be finished for the next edition of the Salone, in 2022, while the part of the buildings will be finished in 2023. For the Pilots Tower and of House of the Sail, the delivery date of the works is set for 2024.

In support of the Levante Waterfront there are also the two projects of the parking lot in Piazzale Kennedy, underground on one floor, which can accommodate between one thousand and 1,200 cars, and the lift that from Carignano and Corso Aurelio Saffi will allow you to go down directly to the level of the “Parco della Foce”. The work is thus a candidate to be a “Living place” and livable at all hours of the day and throughout the year. Finally, a student hostel and a hotel are also planned.

Developed by RPBW and OBR on an area of ​​approximately 115,000 square meters, the Levante Waterfront project was drawn up in accordance with Renzo Piano’s vision, and designed to create a new prominence of Genoa on the sea with urban and port, public and private functions. , which include a large urban park, a dock, residences, offices, student housing, retail, apart-hotels and a totally renovated Palasport.

A real “urban mending” that transforms the back of the port into a urban front on the sea, where East and West connect, Corso Italia and Porto Antico, creating a suture between city and sea. Street furniture is also a unifying element of the Waterfront.

The design was developed according to the “Nearly Zero Energy Building” approach, based on the synergy of the natural components that characterize the coast, ie sea, sun and wind, and favoring renewable sources.

The Genoa waterfront project

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