Beautiful advances: KATIE against QUINN. Do you want ERIC?

Beautiful advances: KATIE against QUINN. Do you want ERIC?
Beautiful advances: KATIE against QUINN. Do you want ERIC?

In the next American bets from Beautiful, the storyline of open marriage of Eric and Quinn Forrester it may already come to an end, practically well before it begins. As already reported, it is not a plot where a couple, in an unconventional way, decides to live their intimacy differently (in short, we will not see them happily frequent swingers clubs!). The story is actually much sadder: that of an elderly man who, after a diagnosis of impotence, seems to see himself as a half man, unable to satisfy his partner.

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In order not to make her lose that more carnal part of life, Eric therefore resorted to Carter Walton, with which the designer betrayed him months ago after months of coldness on the part of his wife. A behavior, that of Eric, as emerged recently, not dictated by the inability to forgive her the intrigues against Ridge and Brooke Forrester, but by the desire to hide her lack of physical vigor.

After a first moment of shock, Quinn and Carter soon bowed to Eric’s will, succumbing to the attraction. The designer, who since he discovered the lawyer’s betrayal has treated him very harshly (also using him as a delivery boy to remove or hang Quinn’s portrait on the wall, depending on the mood of the day), wanted to clarify a matter to Carter : he serves as a means of giving Quinn what he cannot give him himself, but the lawyer will never have to assume that his wife belongs to him. Fuller, in short, is Eric’s stuff.

The behavior of the patriarch, as we have already reported, does not please his loved ones, who, unaware of this man’s decision, are astonished that Eric may have forgiven the betrayal. Particularly Katie Logan she is upset, to the point that, although good-naturedly, Eric himself had to point out to her that she has done it many more times with Bill.

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But there’s no worse deaf than someone who doesn’t want to hear, and Katie voiced her dismay when, paying an evening visit to Eric (her neighbor again as Logan moved back to her home after the breakup- not breaking up with Bill), he found him on his own.

Going into details, Katie found it scandalous that Quinn, after getting the “pardon” from her husband, goes out in the evening without him. Sure, Fuller was “following orders” with Carter but, as far as Logan knew, she was just out for a night. In short, a wife – as Katie pointed out – must stay at home with her husband!

Just the sister of Brooke and of Donna will be very involved in this storyline in the next episodes aired in the United States: the American advances, in fact, they signal that Katie and Eric will approach opening up about their personal situations and Eric will make her first confession. The designer, apparently, will inform her of the decision made about her wedding. And, at that point, the secret will be discovered.

Yes, because the obvious sadness that pervades Eric does not escape the people, who remind him how he should manage his private life. This interference, however, makes the designer nervous, who claims his right to freedom in his personal matters.

Meanwhile, among the people who will “interfere” there is also Ridge who, as already reported, will hire Justin Barber to find compromising evidence on Quinn: the lawyer, therefore, will catch Fuller and Carter in the act! But how will everyone take it when they find out that Eric knew about it?

The spoiler suggest at the moment that the story could turn out to be very short: In fact, Eric will have a sudden awareness of his situation. What decision will he make?

Meanwhile, fans of the soap have not escaped Katie’s entry into the affair with a straight leg. Do you remember? A few years ago the woman seemed to have gotten very close to Eric, to the point that Brooke herself assumed she had a crush: at the time, Katie’s hatred for Quinn reached worrying levels that prompted her to point a gun at Fuller. although unloaded (Katie claimed to have learned of the absence of bullets), and to spy on her with a telescope from her home (she was also suspected of the attempted murder of Quinn, whose author was instead Deacon Sharpe).

Katie had always denied having romantic feelings for Eric, considering him more of a father figure, but now the situation seems to be somehow returning. Of course, for now no anticipation indicates that we can take this direction, but Bill Spencer’s ex-wife, after his sisters and his mother, is the only one missing from Eric’s curriculum, who could perhaps soon overcome his current problem of “performance” … To stay updated on this topic, follow us on Google News by going to this page and clicking the button with the “star”.

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