Prada signs bread and croissants for Milan Fashion Week 2021

Prada signs bread and croissants for Milan Fashion Week 2021
Prada signs bread and croissants for Milan Fashion Week 2021

Good morning with Prada! On the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, the fashion house signs bread, croissants and focaccia. Here the best Milanese bakeries for breakfast or a break.

The fragrant scent of freshly baked wheat, that crust that encloses a soft heart, the first bite that is a dip in ancestral memories. This is the emotional power of a good and well done piece of bread. Those with a sweet tooth, most likely, will indulge in a chocolate croissant instead of genuine bread, but the idea is to start the day, even the most hectic one, with a satisfied palate and a full stomach. But what are the Milanese places that allow us to start the morning with one sprint plus, especially if you are immersed in the appointments, fashion shows and events of the Milan Fashion Week?

Of course, we all know of a place to have breakfast or a mid-afternoon break. You may also know a good bakery, but do you know where to find the most aromatic bread or the most delicious croissants? With Feels Like Prada, the well-known maison has selected a series of places to customize the packaging of leavened products, thus boulangère art becomes one of the subjects of this communication project created by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons to involve the city during the fashion week. Bread of different shapes, peeled or rolled croissants, focaccias and pizzas will dress up Prada, thus marking a greedy stage in one of the best Milanese bakeries found in the city.

For the occasion, a packaging was designed that portrays the patterns seen at the fall winter 2021 2022 fashion show: after having seen them on socks boots, sweaters and very tight suits, the same colorful and vibrant textures peep out on bags, envelopes and napkins for a quick take-away. An idea that plays on sensations – “feel” -, on the emotions that even a simple and daily food can give us.

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Prada signs bread croissants Milan Fashion Week

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