Australia also reopens to tourism: what to know

Australia also reopens to tourism: what to know
Australia also reopens to tourism: what to know

L’Australia is (almost) ready to embrace international tourists. The Minister of Tourism, Dan Tehhas in fact announced that international borders will reopen by next Christmas at the latest.

According to the plan established by the Australian Government, the reopening will be allowed only upon reaching the80% of the vaccinated population. Currently, according to data reported by “Our World in Data”, only 38.71% of Australians have received both doses of the Covid vaccine, while 59.17% have received at least one dose.

To return to travel, both Australians and international tourists will have to wait, therefore, to achieve herd immunity. In the meantime, preparations are being made for the expected reopening of the borders, developing a series of rules similar to those already adopted by other countries. First, travelers from overseas who want to visit Australia will have to prove that you have completed the vaccination course. Thanks to the Green Pass, it will also be possible to avoid the mandatory quarantine in the hotel for those returning to Australia.

To achieve this important result in the coming months, the Australian tourism board has created a special campaign entitled “It’s Our Best Shot for Travel”, in order to urge citizens to undergo the vaccine.

Meanwhile, the Australian national airline Qantas announced that it will gradually begin operating i international flights from December.

Australia has been one of the most intransigent countries in terms of anti-Covid restrictions and border closures. Since March 2020 its borders are closed, both inbound and outbound, not only for travelers and permanent resident foreigners, but also for Australian citizens themselves. The measure continues to be in effect and is renewed on a quarterly basis, currently until December 17, 2021, unless the percentage of vaccinated people imposed for reopening is reached first.

For now, entry into the country is limited to very few categories, mainly for compassionate reasons or to people with “critical skills” in sectors considered of national interest by the Australian authorities, for example related to the fight against the pandemic. Travelers benefiting from the exemption must in any case comply with the 14-day quarantine obligation and bear the costs of accommodation in the facilities designated by the local authorities.

At the moment, the fulfillment of the quarantine is mandatory even if the vaccination has been carried out and is closely monitored by the police and health authorities, on a daily basis and without exception.

Persons authorized to enter the country must also submit the negative result of a PCR test, carried out within 72 hours prior to the departure of the first flight. Also, in the 72 hours before the first flight, the completion of the “Australia Travel Declaration” is mandatory.

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