Pacifik Poke mania in Milan and Turin: we are at 10. That’s where they are

Pacifik Poke mania in Milan and Turin: we are at 10. That’s where they are
Pacifik Poke mania in Milan and Turin: we are at 10. That’s where they are

Pacifik Poke mania in Milan and Turin: we are at 10. That’s where they are

The new home of the Hawaiian bowls of Pacifik Poke opens in these hours in Corso di Porta Vittoria 42 in Milan, now in its tenth point of sale in Italy, third in the Milanese city. After having conquered the Savoy capital – 7 openings in just over two years and three of which during months of forced closure due to the pandemic – forerunners in the world of pre-lockdown delivery with the presence inside the Glovo dark kitchen, today they arrive at share ten.

At the center of the menu are the original Hawaiian bowls that follow the original recipes that come directly from Hawaii. A complete, healthy and balanced meal but above all rich in taste. Pacifik Poke’s proposals also include other dishes with an exotic taste such as bagels, tartare and soups, but also desserts and drinks, such as the special beers imported directly from Hawaii. There remains the possibility for all customers to compose their own bespoke bowl, choosing their favorite ingredients and particular bases such as kale instead of the classic rice.

Pacific Poke – Italians want healthy food Eating healthy and eating well, an increasingly strong demand from the international market, but in particular from the Italian one. Just think of the data from the 2020 European Health & Fitness report by Deloitte and EuropeActive which indicates Italy as the fourth European country in terms of subscriptions to gyms and fitness centers.

The offer of Pacific Poke therefore it fits perfectly with the ever growing trend of sportsmen (and others) who choose a healthy, well-kept and balanced diet. Bowls contain very little fat and many proteins, satisfy even the most demanding palates from the point of view of taste and are also perfect for those looking for a quick and fun meal, thanks to the possibility of composing always new pokes.

Pacific Poke

The Pacifik Poke brand, led by the parent company Poke Srl, turned out to be the 2020 surprise of the food delivery world in Piedmont. The Hawaiian products proposed by the chain founded in 2018 allowed the company to achieve economic results in 2020 in strong contrast with the trend of the reference sector. In fact, in 2020, sales through the delivery channel increased by over 300% compared to the previous year. Likewise, the growth in turnover through the direct channel was over 100%.

Stefano Zenga, CEO of the group, sums up the experience that one experiences when choosing Pacifik Poke: “A Hawaiian-inspired restaurant, which aims at the excellence of the products served, prepared in each store by professionalized and trained kitchen staff. Quality is at the heart of our restaurant model “

Pacifik Poke addresses


Via Duchessa Jolanda, 1 / c, 10138 Turin

Via Giuseppe Verdi, 34, 10124 Turin

Corso Dante, 51, 10126 Turin

Via I ° Maggio, 2B, 10098, Rivoli

Via Tripoli, 26, 10137, Turin

Corso Regio Parco, 24 / M, 10142, Turin

Corso Monte Grappa 33 / D, 10145, Turin


Via Magolfa, 1, (Glovo Cook Room), Milano

Via Antonio Pollaiuolo, 9, 20159, Milan

Corso di Porta Vittoria 42, 20122, Milan (new opening)

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