a week of darkness and the ATM never blocked

a week of darkness and the ATM never blocked
a week of darkness and the ATM never blocked

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24 September 2021 06:27


We continue to look for Giacomo Sartori, who has been missing for almost a week in the province of Milan. There have been some reports that turned out to be unfounded (one pointed to it in Turin), the Missing Giacomo Sartori page on Facebook is always available to collect useful information to find him. The carabinieri found his car. His wallet and two sets of keys were also found in the Indro Montanelli garden in Milan. After the disappearance, he did not even block his credit card on his current account, which he usually knows very well he must do in these cases.

No trace of him. When he vanished into thin air he was wearing a white shirt, beige pants and brown shoes. The dark gray Volkswagen Polo was found in Casorate Primo, in the Pavia area. The car was regularly closed, everything in place inside, and at the moment no useful elements have emerged: the investigations by the personnel of the Investigative Unit of the Provincial Command of Milan are in progress. The car was near the waters of the Naviglio Bereguardo. But in those 40 centimeters of watercourse between Casorate Primo and Motta Visconti, towards the Pavese, there are no traces of Giacomo. Nothing else emerged from the layout of the telephone cells: one hooks up his phone in Casorate Primo around 2.30 on Saturday night, the other at 7.15 in the morning records the switching on of the cell phone by Motta Visconti. Eyes also focused on Ticino, which is not far away. But why did the young man leave Milan in the middle of the night with such a precise destination and almost or completely unknown to him? There are no answers. If instead of taking the state roads, he still chose the highway to go to Casorate, this element suggests that Sartori wanted to reach his destination as quickly as possible. Was he following a sign or instructions to retrieve the stolen goods? This is one of the hypotheses made by some newspapers today.

Giacomo Sartori has been missing for almost a week

The 30-year-old was last seen around 11:30 pm on Friday 17 September in a venue in Viale Vittorio Veneto in Milan. He was with some friends to spend the evening and half an hour before midnight he took his leave. The 30-year-old was a bit shaken because shortly before someone had stolen his backpack, where he had wallets, documents and the company PC. Although he was very upset about the theft, not the first he suffered, according to what he learned from MilanToday Giacomo would not have uttered any particular phrase. “He was very shaken,” friends testified. He refused help and left. Since then no one has seen him again.

The customers of the company he works for were the first to notice that something was wrong: Saturday 18 September they did not see him arrive at the appointments that the company, a software house in Assago, had set. It was the company that called the family that on Monday filed a missing person report to the Belluno carabinieri. Even the roommate with whom he shares the apartment in the Solari area said he last saw him on Friday morning, before leaving for work, never seeing him come home in the evening. Giacomo Sartori is 30 years old, 175 centimeters tall, has brown eyes and hair and is of medium build. Giacomo, thirty years old from Mel (Belluno), had moved to Milan three years ago, first for study reasons, then for work. In February of this year, the boy found employment in the city as a clerk. Friends and family describe the brother as an emotional but peaceful person. He had never strayed in the past. Anyone who sees it can contact law enforcement at 112.


week darkness ATM blocked

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