Calhanoglu: “Inter, never had any doubts. Skriniar the top “. The background on Inzaghi

Calhanoglu: “Inter, never had any doubts. Skriniar the top “. The background on Inzaghi
Calhanoglu: “Inter, never had any doubts. Skriniar the top “. The background on Inzaghi

The words of the Turkish midfielder to Corriere dello Sport: “Scudetto? We are the favorites. If I score at Milan I will do as always”

Alessandro Cavasinni

September 24

“I spent four good years at Milan and I have many friends there. There have also been difficult moments, but the last two seasons have been better than the first two thanks to Pioli. Inter are a good team that won the last one. Scudetto and more derbies during my Rossoneri experience. I chose to come here because in my career I like to face new challenges. ” Like this Hakan Calhanoglu to the microphones of the Corriere dello Sport. The Nerazzurri midfielder spoke above all of the expectations for his season and that of the Italian champions.

If he scores for Milan, will he rejoice?

“If that happens, I’ll do as always.”

How many teams have tried to sign you this summer?

“Better if you ask my agent. I didn’t speak to anyone because I was committed to the European Championship and I was thinking only of Turkey. He knew he had to find the best possible solution for me and he did it”.

Surprised when the call from Marotta and Ausilio arrived?

“I was not surprised, but calm. With my qualities I know what I can do and sincerely (smiles, ed) the risk of being left without a team has never crossed my mind. I said to myself: “A club will come” “.

When he arrived at Inter and saw Hakimi and then Lukaku leave, didn’t you think you made the wrong choice?

“Never. I knew that the two of them had done a great job here and have all my respect. It is normal that, in a difficult economic time due to Covid, it is not easy to keep great players who have important offers. The good of the club. it must be put in front of everything. I have always remained focused on my work because I knew I had come to a great company “.

Did you expect a start with 13 points in the first 5 days?

“I would define it normal when you wear the Inter shirt. I knew the value of my new teammates and that of Inzaghi.”

Are you, like Brozovic, sure that you will pass the round in the Champions League?

Brozo he expressed a correct concept because we played very well against Real and we deserved to win. “

Will the fight for the Scudetto be a head to head between Milan and Inter or will Napoli and Roma not give up?

“Many teams can join and fight until the end: Roma and Napoli had a great start, but Atalanta are there too. And I don’t know who else will be able to add. We are favorites after last year’s victory” .

How is Inzaghi as a technician?

“Before signing for Inter I spoke several times on the phone with him and from what he said to me, you could see that he wanted me. The coach is one who always aims to win, but I also understood this by playing against him. established a great feeling: I like his way of working, the adrenaline he gives you and the motivations he gives you “.

How are you in the new role?

“In Milan from” 10 “I was freer because I had only one striker in front, while now there are two and I have to go back, open the game and recover the ball. Basically there are not too many differences. I think I did a good job so far also because I’m learning the tactics and movements of the mezzala “.

Who among your new companions has impressed you the most?

“If you just want a name I say Skriniar, a great person, a great defender and a great character.”

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