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Rome, 24 September 2021 – There is the draft of the weekly monitoring on Covid to the examination of the control room. TheRt index in Italy, which drops in the last week of monitoring at 0.82 against 0.85 of the previous seven days. Theincidence, which falls below the risk threshold of 50 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants to 45 cases per hundred thousand (last week it was 54, the previous one to 64).

In the last week of monitoring “the occupancy rate in intensive care is slightly down to 5.7% (daily survey by the Ministry of Health), with a slight decrease in the number of people hospitalized from 554 (14/09/2021) to 516 (21/09/2021) “. Also” the employment rate in medical areas at the national level it decreased slightly to 6.8%. The number of people hospitalized in these areas decreased slightly from 4,165 (14/09/2021) to 3,937 (21/09/2021) “.

Also this week there are four Regions / Autonomous Provinces (PA) that are classified a moderate risk: Piedmont, Bolzano, Trento and Valle d’Aosta. The remaining 17 Regions are classified as low risk. Last week, the moderate risk regions were Abruzzo, Molise (which come out of the moderate risk classification), Bolzano and Trento.

The Sicily remains with yellow zone values, even if it will be up to the Control Room and then eventually to Minister Speranza to decide on a possible “promotion” in white, in light of the trend of decline in admissions. As of 21 September, according to the decision indicators under consideration, the island still has the 10.7% of intensive care units employed (the threshold is 10%) and the 17.3% of ordinary hospitalizations (the threshold is 15%). The Province of Bolzano, on the other hand, exceeds the threshold of intensive care (11.3%) but not that of ordinary hospitalizations (3.8%). On the contrary, Basilicata (15.4%) and Calabria (18.5%) are above the threshold for ordinary hospitalizations, which, however, both have ICUs below 10% (4.8% and 7.7% respectively). ). Italy which remains all white, therefore, with the exception of Sicily on which, as mentioned, today’s evaluation hangs, but in the light of the data it seems probable that it will remain in yellow for another week.

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Covid Italia index incidence Sicily remains yellow Chronicle

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