Weather forecast, Italy split in two between great heat and thunderstorms: the map

It will still be a weekend characterized by a two-sided weather what we are going to meet. Italy will be split in two: on the one hand the African anticyclone and on the other the Atlantic disturbances. According to the website Saturday 25 September will be mostly characterized by stability and sunny skies almost everywhere. But the sub-tropical anticyclone will favor high temperatures in some areas, such as in Sardinia dove 36 C will be touched once again. In the Center it will be possible to reach up to 28-29 C, while in the South some provinces can still touch 31-33 C.

From the Atlantic ocean however, a strong disturbance is about to arrive full of thunderstorms, which towards evening it will begin to affect the Northwest with showers especially in Piedmont. But Sunday will be the day when the perturbations will hit the northern regions between thunderstorms, but also possible storms and local hailstorms. With thunderstorms they will then move towards the Northeast and reach Tuscany and partially Umbria and Marche. On the rest of Italy, on the other hand, the summer heat will continue with a further increase in maximum temperatures.

This is the detail of forecasts. Friday 24. In the north good weather, sunny and warm in the center, more clouds in the south in Sicily, clear elsewhere. Saturday 25. In the North towards evening it worsens in the Northwest, in the center the clouds are increasing but mostly sunny, in the South the sun prevails and hot. Sunday 26. In the North, severe thunderstorms over all regions, in the center unstable over Tuscany, in the South good weather prevailing.

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