Gigio at PSG is unhappy, confined to the bench-

Gigio at PSG is unhappy, confined to the bench-
Gigio at PSG is unhappy, confined to the bench-
from Carlos Passerini

The stomach ache of the former Milan goalkeeper, who no longer smiles. Even his agent Raiola is displaced by the many benches. After the tremendous start of Szczesny, Juve could jump on Gigio next summer

Legs crossed, looking bored, fluorescent green bib smaller than a size or two. But the most significant detail, the one that best of all tells what he is experiencing in this strange moment of his professional life, is hidden under the black mask with the inscription «Ici c’est Paris»: Gigio no longer smiles.

He is not happy, Donnarumma. It cannot be: two months ago he flew from one side to the other dragging Italy as the absolute protagonist to the conquest of the European Championship, now instead he remains to watch the others play. The opposite would be absurd, if he were happy. In fact it is not so. And to tell about it, to testify it, in addition to the disappeared smile are the people who are next to him, who love him: friends, some former comrades. Gigio knew that the competition with Keylor Navas would not be easy, but the truth is that he absolutely did not imagine all these benches: out of nine games played so far by PSG between Ligue1, Champions, French Super Cup, italian he has played two, against the seven of the Costa Rican. Few, too few, infinitely few for a champion who arrived in Paris with the best European player award under his arm. Not goalkeeper, player.

The fact that Pochettino had lined up him consecutively against Clermont Ferrand and Lyon had made many suppose – and Donnarumma first – that the hierarchies were finally defining themselves, but it was not so: Wednesday in 2-1 against Metz last in the standings in goal the Central American is back. Therefore?

While at the Parco dei Principi the goalkeeper from Castellammare was seated again among the reserves, unleashing the perfidious imagination of the Milan fans – the most successful meme on social media is that of him on the bench dressed as Forrest Gump – at San Siro his heir Maignan was making the umpteenth positive performance of his championship. “Mike doesn’t have to chase away any ghosts” Pioli cut short a few days ago to a specific question, with the obvious aim of relieving pressure from the French, but it is clear that Milan has now turned the page: Donnarumma is the past and Maignan’s excellent impact is proof that he has made the Rossoneri club not to come to terms with the requests of Mino Raiola, who was asking for 10 million a year.

Speaking of which: even the agent is displaced by the many benches. “With Navas there is no fight, Gigio will play,” he said with conviction, but for now this is not going to happen. Should the situation continue, this would open suggestive scenarios: Juventus could hit the goalkeeper next summer, which would not accept a second season as a luxury reserve, also because Navas has a contract until 2024. Two months ago the negotiations had reached a good point, before Allegri indicated other priorities. But the terrible start of Szczesny is making the bianconeri retrace their steps: with Gigio the goal would be covered for ten years. The Pole, however, has a contract for 7 million net until 2024 and finding a buyer is not easy. In Turin some reflections are already underway.

We are only in September, true, and it is certain that Donnarumma will do everything to reverse the situation and win a permanent position at PSG. “I’m here to play,” he immediately made it clear. For now, however, stay and watch. Not the best, for Gigio and not even for Mancini: how can the owner of the national team not play in his club team?

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