Rome. They set fire to cars, dumpsters and scooters: arsonists framed by the videos

Rome. They set fire to cars, dumpsters and scooters: arsonists framed by the videos
Rome. They set fire to cars, dumpsters and scooters: arsonists framed by the videos

Rome – The State Police, thanks to a work as fast as it is painstaking, has stopped 3 arsonists who, in various episodes, had set fire to 2 cars, 15 scooters and at least 7 bins in the previous nights.

The first serious episode took place on the night between 21 and 22 September: in Piazza Giovanni da Lucca and in some neighboring streets, 15 scooters, 2 cars, 3 bins were burned in the space of just under an hourfor the collection of paper and also a bed usually used by a homeless man. The investigations carried out in perfect synergy by the Flying Squad and the Colombo and Tor Carbone police stations were immediate. In addition to hearing some witnesses, the policemen have acquired all the footage of the various video surveillance systems present there. The turning point came precisely from one of these recordings; thanks also to the activity of the Scientific Police, it was possible to identify the arsonists: 2 Bosnians, 29 and 33 years old, both formally residing in one of the nomadic camps in the capital. After a thorough search, the 2, already burdened by various police precedents, were stopped and reported to the judicial authorities. Investigators, in addition to having reconstructed the path punctuated by the various fires, are now examining further images of similar incidents.

The policemen of the VII San Giovanni District have instead arrested a 24-year-old responsible for the fire of some bins in via Albenga, via Etruria, via Albalonga and via Imera which occurred around 2 am last night. Here too, thanks to the help of the video surveillance cameras in the area, the investigators identified the 24-year-old who was then stopped as he came out of an apartment building in via Etruria. At home the policemen also found the clothes used by the young man when he set the fire. For this crime he was denounced in a state of freedom for the specific crime of damage following a fire.

For the record, and to protect those under investigation, we remind you that an accusation is not equivalent to a conviction, that the evidence is formed in the Court and that the Italian judicial system still provides for three degrees of judgment.

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