third dose to all over 65. There is also the date – Time

third dose to all over 65. There is also the date – Time
third dose to all over 65. There is also the date – Time

A decision can come within a few weeks, perhaps a few days. Ema is evaluating the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine for everyone, not just for the most fragile and exposed categories. Meanwhile, the government is finalizing the plan to increase the capacity of cinemas and stadiums while the third dose will be made in mid-October not only to health personnel, guests of the RSA and over 80, as already announced but also to those who have task 65. years, reports La Stampa. Everything will be decided by a circular from the Ministry of Health, which the ISS experts are also working on and which will be issued in early October and will then enter into force from mid-month.

The European Drug Agency, on the other hand, “is evaluating the use of a third dose of Pfizer vaccine for people aged at least 16 to be administered six months after the second. The data presented so far shows that there is a very good immune response after the second. the third “, says Marco Cavaleri, head of Ema’s strategy to Corriere della sera.

The outcome of the evaluation is expected in early October, announces Cavaleri. Half the world is moving, but not in a unique way. For now, the American FDA authorized the third dose for those over 65. In Italy it is planned to administer it together with the flu vaccine, with a double vaccination in a single day.

“I think it is normal to be in dialogue with pharmaceutical companies to understand what data are emerging”, on the levels of protection offered by their Covid vaccines and on the need for a third booster dose, “and what we can conclude from these data” , Cavaleri explained yesterday. The line is “do not rush to give the booster if there is no clear indication that it is necessary (…) I think it is important for us to base our decision on evidence and not on pressure from stakeholders”, stakeholders.

Ema is constantly reviewing with the ECDC, the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “the evidence coming from vaccination campaigns to assess whether the level of protection offered by vaccines should be enhanced with a recall. Available data they are showing that the immunity against Covid-19 conferred by the initial vaccination decreases over time and that protection against infection and symptomatic disease is decreasing in different parts of the world. “

As for the assessments that the EMA will make, the expert explained that “data that are in the public domain have been presented and would show that there is a really good immune response after” the third dose, that you would get “fairly high titers of antibodies that would be able to neutralize the main variants including Delta. Our evaluation is still ongoing and we cannot say yet how it will end, but the preliminary data seems rather reassuring in this regard. “

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