Marco Castoro ROME – A biography to be released on September 28 and a concert in the

Marco Castoro
ROME – A biography to be released on September 28 and a concert in his Rome. Alex Britti at the Casa del Jazz returns tomorrow in the Special Project which will see him alongside musicians playing and singing his songs (especially the lesser known ones) in a particular rhythm.
What concert will it be?
«A jazz band that performs in jazz and blues modes. Musicians who reinterpret my songs, those that have never been singles, that the radios have never played. My role? I play the guitar and sing accompanied by them ».
Which song are you most fond of?
«To many. Maybe Frosty, even if I love today. They were different moods ».
A song by the others that he wanted to write?
«All those of Gino Paoli. He has written among the most important pages of Italian music. I respect him so much, we’re friends, he’s nice, I love him. A long love story: how beautiful it is! ».
Do you think about it in Sanremo or is it just a memory?
“Why not. The Festival is a crazy showcase. When I have something to propose I will think about it ».
Pandemic, lockdown, restrictions
“I lived it badly like everyone else. My category was harassed. I do concerts for the love of music but our world is not made up only of singers. Transporters, porters, stage electricians who do not work. Because we can’t bring our own system that has to be assembled and disassembled but you have to play with what you find on the spot ».
It’s time to leave
“Yes, but we feel a little cheated. It is not possible that if you go to Trastevere in the evening or to Pigneto you see people stuck without a mask or green pass and then you let me in a third of the public at the concerts. If we are all vaccinated and we have the green pass why only 30% of people have to enter? With that proceeds you don’t even pay us the rent of the theater. So they bring us to our knees. Why even without the green pass can I take the crowded metro or bus, with passengers on top of each other and not at concerts and theaters? It is an injustice. The law is the same for everyone, why not in this case? If I travel by train I can stay side by side with another person, if I go to a concert I can’t. And the concert is outdoors while the train is indoors. We are loyal to respect for the rules but we are a little tired of suffering injustices and abuses ».
If he had the magic wand what would change about Rome?
“Garbage and potholes. I’ve never seen so much rubbish. Now even the center is full of waste. It is useless to separate if the bins do not empty them. One cannot keep three bags of damp in the house because the nerd is overcrowded. “
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Marco Castoro ROME biography released September concert

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