Parking via Chiana, the protest of the neighborhood: “Work immediately”

Parking via Chiana, the protest of the neighborhood: “Work immediately”
Parking via Chiana, the protest of the neighborhood: “Work immediately”

“We are here today to inform the citizens, but if nothing changes next time we force the lock and we occupy“. To say it, in front of the multi-storey car park closed for 4 years in via Chiana è Amedeo Valente, president of the Trieste Market. With him there are other operators, residents of the area, some municipal councilors who are candidates in the next elections, then also the mini-mayor Francesca Del Bello arrives.

The multistory saga

The story is known, but the summary is a must: in December 2017 the multi-storey that mainly served the market in via Chiana 109 is closed, goodbye to 420 seats spread over 3 levels. The structural problems are too many, the safety certifications have expired, the work that Atac should take care of as a manager must be done. Time passes, but the interventions are minimal and in most cases they are carried out by the II Municipality, which advances hundreds of thousands of euros in particular for the basement and the electrical system. Roma Capitale, through the Mobility department, should take care of the rest. In 2020 Virginia Raggi, inaugurating a plastic-eating machine on the market, announces that “the works will be completed in 2021”. A first real turning point is recorded when Di Lorenzo arrives to direct the department, who establishes a relationship of constant dialogue with the municipal council and proposes to start the work from the basement and ground floor: the money is there, 1,300,000 euros that are put to balance.

Funds lost and found

But something goes wrong: last August the Rays junta removed these funds, essentially bringing the car park back to four years ago, the day after it closed. But the news brought by Francesca Del Bello today during the sit-in is positive: “The junta has approved Di Lorenzo’s new proposal – he announces – so the funds are available again and now there is no vote of the Capitoline assembly”. The trick chosen by the manager of the Mobility department is that of “extreme urgency”: the building, if still left in this state, will fall apart.

“What we have been asking for for years – explains Valente – is the possibility of co-managing the car park, maybe just one floor. Because we live here, we work in it, when we had to fix something that interested the market, we did it. But what did it do Atac who had the management? Did he think that ordinary maintenance meant changing the light bulbs? I would not want this parking lot to be just an expense item for them to put in a disastrous budget “. Valente does not hide: “We will go to the Capitol when the budget change is discussed, if something goes wrong then we will occupy the parking lot”

“Put pressure or you lose funds”

“We must put pressure on the Capitol – begins the minisindaca Del Bello -, the change has been approved by the junta but now there is the passage in the assembly. It is important to make it clear to the councilors that it is an urgent change, the urgency is determined by the management bodies of the Capitol, or by the secretary general. Because if we were to wait for the installation of the new council and the new council, we should perhaps consider the end of November for approval and this means that the money must be committed and spent by the end of 2021, there would be a risk of not making it and losing them “.

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