Verona, is on vacation but in the company chat they write: “He is in prison”

Verona, is on vacation but in the company chat they write: “He is in prison”
Verona, is on vacation but in the company chat they write: “He is in prison”

While he was enjoying a few days of vacation in Sardinia with his family, a colleague of his wrote in the company chat that he was actually absent from work because he was arrested for drugs, now he is in prison for drug dealing. A lie, a slander against the colleague dictated by envy, or perhaps by a previous disagreement or a misunderstanding. An infamy that for no reason can be justified and that the person responsible has never rectified or denied. Indeed, in the following days chatting with the same private group on Whatsapp he had further trodden hands with colleagues to completely convince them: But how, haven’t you read? There was also news of his arrest in the newspapers. Theater of this paradoxical story that dates back to the summer of 2018, was an important Veronese company with about eight hundred employees: a small-large community, a workplace where everyone inevitably knows everyone, even if only by sight.

The return from vacation

It is therefore logical that, on his return from vacation, the unfortunate and unsuspecting target of that very serious hoax passed off as reality, had found himself at the center of attention. He was pointed out, pointed out and avoided by his colleagues, who were careful not to have anything to do with him. And in all this the poor man, not being subscribed to that internal chat, did not understand why. Finch was summoned by management who asked him about his alleged drug arrest: he obviously fell from the clouds and shocked protest his innocence. He was told what happened in his absence: the news of the drug, the rumor that he was not on vacation but behind bars. Then you begin to investigate, to look for names and surnames, finally going back to the slanderer colleague who had designed and built that castle of lies. The victim, defended by the lawyer Michele Zantedeschi, filed a complaint for defamation via social networks: the case ended by the justice of the peace Licata, who declared the proceedings for the compensation offer of two thousand euros to be terminated. But my client – says the lawyer – has suffered much heavier damage, we will go to civil justice.

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Verona vacation company chat write prison

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