Who is Francesca Filipponi, candidate for President of the VI Municipality with the M5s

Who is Francesca Filipponi, candidate for President of the VI Municipality with the M5s
Who is Francesca Filipponi, candidate for President of the VI Municipality with the M5s

Francesca Filipponi, born in Rome in May 1972 and residing until the age of 33 in Giardinetti on the outskirts of Rome where she was part of the oratory and voluntary services at the Parish of the Resurrection.

His studies alternated between public schools and the San Paolo Institute in Torre Gaia where he attended first and second grade secondary schools, obtaining a master’s degree. Her dream was to be a “teacher”.

At the time of choosing the university faculty, the desire to understand the human being and to give support to people directed her towards the faculty of Psychology, obtaining a degree in Clinical and Community Psychology at the University of Rome “La Wisdom”.

After having passed the State Exam and consequently enrolled in the Register of Psychologists of Lazio, she perfected her training through a four-year specialization, at the same University, in “Psychological Evaluation”, winning the admission competition and having obtained the second place in the ranking she was the winner of a scholarship used to financially support the attendance of a second four-year specialization in psychotherapy at the “SPIGA”, Interpersonal Psychoanalysis Society and Analysis Group.

The two specializations were carried out simultaneously, graduating with excellent grades. The internship hours were carried out at the Center for eating disorders in Viale Angelico and at the chair of “Theory and techniques of personality tests” of the University “La Sapienza” with the chair of Prof.ssa L. Boncori dealing with of university orientation aimed at freshmen, pre-university in some schools in Rome and scholastic aimed at high school students in addition to the didactic activities of the course of study, becoming an expert on the subject.

The choice to specialize in the field of research methodology and psychoanalysis made it possible to carry out both the clinical and therapeutic component and to follow research projects in terms of public health and prevention.
The need to deepen her skills to be able to respond to the professional challenges that presented themselves led her to participate and be the winner of a voucher from the Lazio Region, for the High Specialization Course for “Expert in socio-health issues “.

While privately she obtained the Master in Management and Reporting of European Projects – organized by EUC Group E and, for personal interest, she attended the Master at the Rome Police Headquarters in charge of Criminology, Intelligence and Security.

On a professional level, he mainly worked as a consultant.

The skills achieved in the design and methodology of research have allowed her to collaborate with the Diocesan Caritas, Studies and Research Sector and subsequently with the Higher Institute of Health, External Relations Office, following Integrated Clinical Risk Management projects, epidemiological processing in the field national and international, prevention projects (alcohol, drugs, road accidents, prevention of diabetes complications and adequate lifestyles), distance learning and peer education. Projects funded mainly by the Ministry of Health, the Lazione Region and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

From 2010 to 2016 he carried out consultancy activities for the Safety in Health Foundation, dealing with the technical-administrative management of important international projects: “Strengthening the training capacities of the AM Dogliotti College of Medicine” – Liberia, promoted by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità in agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, lasting three years, administrative management activities and support for teaching and drafting and editing of didactic texts; the “Provision of Technical Assistance, Training Service’s and Equipment to the ShaanxiProvincial People’s Hospital and Xi’an Medical University” project, a tender won in consortium between the ELIS Center Association, the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome CBM and Design and provision of training activities for the Ministry of Health, with the organization of training activities.

The work activities carried out are reported in national and international scientific publications and in guidelines published by the Higher Institute of Health and in university texts as the author of chapters. In 2016 he began a new professional experience within the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Rome VI delle Torri, with the delegation to Councilor for Social Policies, Equal Opportunities, Housing Policies and Vice President. This professional opportunity allowed her to bring the skills acquired in the academic and research fields into an extremely complex territory.

A professional challenge that has rejoined the desire to make oneself available to people and the territory using all the skills acquired over the years, directing training attention to the management of the Public Administration.
In September 2019 he accepted the position of head of secretariat and scientific technical support at the Department of Person, School and Solidarity Community of Rome Capital, following the activities and issues related to the delegations pertaining to the Department: civil rights, fight against discrimination and inclusion , educational and scholastic, social and personal services, health promotion, disabilities, the elderly, children and adolescents, families, social economy and subsidiarity, immigration, reception and social inclusion of migrants and unaccompanied foreign minors, prevention and contrast to gender-based and domestic violence.

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