Lazio-Roma is the Jolly of the Serie A Bet slip: € 200 up for grabs

Lazio-Roma is the Jolly of the Serie A Bet slip: € 200 up for grabs
Lazio-Roma is the Jolly of the Serie A Bet slip: € 200 up for grabs

On the Bet slip of the Serie A: 8 events to predict in addition to the Exact Result of the Rome Derby. Everyone can compete with the same chances of winning, enough Sign up, receive 1,000 CDS, the coin of the portal and immediately find yourself within the largest community of players for fun in Italy who have fun for free and win real prizes: € 40,000 of Amazon Coupons is the Prize Pool (regulation).

Play the Serie A Bet slip now.

In the selection of the editorial staff the match in Milan between Inter and Atalanta: the final outcome is uncertain and many fantasy players have imagined a surprise. In the past Inzaghi Vs Gasperini has meant goals in clusters and never predictable outcomes.

In the Turin match of the Juventus opposite to Sampdoria, it is required to predict Goal / NoGoal and that is if both teams manage to score at least one goal. The uncertainty would seem to relate to the guests’ chances of breaching the door Szczesny.

Also Udinese-Fiorentina is an intriguing match: the setback of the Viola at home with theInter did not undermine the public’s confidence in Mister Italiano’s team even if confirmation is now required and Udine is a probative away match.

The Sassuolo must redeem himself immediately and what better opportunity than Salerno in your own home? However, the opinion of the fantasy players is required on Goal / NoGoal and also in this case the real issue is to understand if the grenade of Mister Beavers they will be able to score at least one goal assuming that the Sassuolo it certainly will.

The selection is completed by Spezia-Milan, Naples-Cagliari, Empoli-Bologna.

Attention, if you do not hit the 8 + 1 do not despair because the opportunities to take home the Amazon Coupons are not over: the coupon also rewards the signs 8, 7, 6 or just the Jolly event with Avalanche of Credits (CDS) that can be converted into Good Amazon (find out how)

Not only that but a good ranking contributes to the weekly and monthly rankings: all new members can thus compete on equal terms from the first ticket.

All that remains is to try

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LazioRoma Jolly Serie Bet slip grabs

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