In this case it is possible to retire 16 years earlier –

In this case it is possible to retire 16 years earlier –
In this case it is possible to retire 16 years earlier –

As the farewell to 100 approaches, many workers are looking here and there for alternatives to retirement pensions. In the absence of a legislative intervention, in fact, from 1 January 2022 the rules set by Fornero will be considered again.

Basically, access to the pension will be calculated only upon reaching the age of 67 with at least 20 years of contributions. Alternatively, you can leave your job with 42 years and 10 months of payments (one less for women) regardless of age.

How to leave work early

However, there are old laws in force that allow you to retire a few years earlier on condition that the worker is in particular and serious situations of disability. Therefore in precarious health conditions involving a small number of beneficiaries.

In this regard, we refer to the exceptions introduced by the Amato government and which provide for access to pensions for workers who have been recognized with a civil disability rate of at least 80%.

But this is not the only requirement to have. In this case, the right to a pension arises when a specific age is reached in correspondence with the professional classification. That is, 61 years for employees (56 for women) and 66 years for self-employed workers (61 for women).

Another requirement to be met is 20 years of contributions. 15 are enough if you started working before 1992 or if you have obtained authorization for voluntary payments before that date and the pension is calculated entirely with the salary system.

Retired up to 16 years earlier

Access to pensions for visually impaired workers is even easier. Our legal system provides for the onset of the right to the recognition and assessment of infirmity.

Provided they have a contributory seniority of no less than 10 years.

The right to a pension for the visually impaired therefore arises at the age of 56 for employees (51 for female workers) and 61 for self-employed workers (56 for women). This difference in age is also valid if the worker can claim a mixed contribution. That is, with payments both in the employee fund and in the management of self-employed workers.


case retire years earlier

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