Lewis Hamilton-Max Verstappen, sparks at the press conference

Sparks at the press conference a Sochi in view of the Russian Grand Prix Formula 1. The duel between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, especially after what happened to Monza and the media fuss that followed.

“Verstappen will want a fight again? I do not waste energy on such thoughts – Hamilton’s words -. I know since 2007 how much pressure bring you to be fighting for the World Championship for the first time. It’s not easy, and I haven’t always done the right thing. I assume that we will continue to fight hard, but always in a fair way ”.

“On the Monza contact? I think in F1 it is necessary to be intelligent – continued the world champion poisonous -. There are simply situations where you have to wait to get a better chance later on. And it is a matter of experience“.

Max Verstappen he replied by return of post with irony: “Did Lewis say I’m under pressure? Yes, he’s right, I’m so tense that I can hardly sleep at night, really horrible to fight for the title or to win all the races… ”.

About the physical condition of Hamilton, who complained of a neck problem, he arrives another dig: “When I got out of my car, he was also trying to get out. I saw it and it had no problems. On the contrary he was so well that a few hours later he got on a plane and went to a gala, so good for him “.

The penalty of three places on the starting grid: “I was surprised by the penalty, but in the end they decided so and I have to accept it, it’s not the end of the world. I think differently, I don’t necessarily have to agree but just accept the decision and leave it behind ”.

OMNISPORT | 23-09-2021 18:36


Lewis HamiltonMax Verstappen sparks press conference

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