error 10 000 000. Why it doesn’t work –

error 10 000 000. Why it doesn’t work –
error 10 000 000. Why it doesn’t work –
from Sport editorial staff

Still vision problems for users connected from television and computers. And on social media the controversy is increasing. The situation normalized after 35 minutes

A black screen for Dazn users who tried to connect to see Sampdoria-Napoli and Torino-Lazio, the two postponements of the fifth matchday of Serie A (awaiting Roma-Udinese tonight). There is currently a problem with opening Dazn. Try to reopen the application or the browser later, the message that appears to those who try to access the site of the streaming platform reads. Problems, and not the first time, resolved after 35 minutes. Virtually almost all of the first half in the dark for those who wanted to watch the games from the TV or computer.

Dazn has announced refunds for those who have not been able to see the first half hour: We encountered a technical problem during the 18.30 matches. We are sorry for what happened because we know how important it is for all fans to be able to follow their team. All users who have been impacted by the problem will be eligible for compensation.

Error 10000 the one that infuriated many users. The only devices on which the races have been seen from the beginning, albeit in jerks and with bad video quality, are smartphones. Enraged fans: Something went wrong, right, giving the rights to Dazn, Serie A take action, some angry viewers wrote on Twitter.

Yesterday the Ninth Chamber Commission had rebuked Dazn asking for an adequate service to citizens and identifying a method of transmission of audiovisual content suitable for improving the quality of the service to the end customer on the basis of parameters that the Authority for Guarantees in Communications would like to identify.

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