Mattarella to the Tokyo athletes: ‘Italy felt represented by you’ – Sport

Mattarella to the Tokyo athletes: ‘Italy felt represented by you’ – Sport
Mattarella to the Tokyo athletes: ‘Italy felt represented by you’ – Sport

The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, received the Olympic and Paralympic medalists at the Quirinale in the afternoon and a representation of Italian athletes who participated in the Tokyo 2020 Games. The ceremony opened with the performance of the national anthem by the Joint Forces Band and the projection of a video entitled “Tokyo 2020”. Italian National Olympic Committee, Giovanni Malagò, the president of the Italian Paralympic Committee, Luca Pancalli, and the undersecretary of state to the Prime Minister, Valentina Vezzali. Subsequently the Alfieri of the Olympic team, Elia Viviani and Jessica Rossi, and the Alfieri of the Paralympic team, Beatrice Vio and Federico Morlacchi, returned the national flags to the Head of State with the signatures of the Olympic and Paralympic medal-winning athletes. Mattarella greeted those present and then presented the athletes with a souvenir medal. The meeting was attended by the managers of the IOC, CONI and CIP, the technical commissioners of the medal-winning disciplines, and the heads of the Armed Forces and the State Corps representing their respective sports groups.

“You have thrilled the Italians. There are times when sport takes on wider meanings. Our country is recovering, it has felt represented, it has felt involved by you “. President Sergio Mattarella said this. receiving Olympic and Paralympic athletes at the Quirinale. This has been a great summer for sport. ”

“I conclude by emphasizing – said Mattarella – that you have been a team, you have shown friendship and integration between you, and you have solicited attention to sport and to practice sport”.

Filippo Tortu ‘passes’ the baton of the 4×100 Olympic gold medal relay race in Tokyo to the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, “guardian of national unity”. This was, during the ceremony at the Quirinale, the gift to the Head of State by the Coni delegation, formed by the president Giovanni Malagò and the blue medalists at the Olympics. Tortu offered Mattarella the baton after receiving it from his relay teammates in the exact order of the Olympic test.

“The country’s response is historic, we receive thousands of emails from people asking us how to start playing sports. We won 69 medals, and something incredible happened, we made a breach in the hearts of Italians, but we don’t want to move but move “. Luca Pancalli, president of the Italian Paralympic Committee, speaking at the Quirinale during the ceremony for the return of the Olympic and Paralympic tricolor. “Tokyo is a testimony to how much there is still to be done to guarantee equal dignity of access to sport as a fundamental tool for recognizing the individual rights of Paralympics”.

“Behind these medals is the whole sport, hit but not knocked down by the pandemic. Because sport is increasingly the emotional locomotive of the country”: he said the undersecretary to the presidency of the Council, Valentina Vezzali, at the Quirinale during the ceremony for the return of the tricolor. “These athletes have made us proud – added Vezzali – but sport also needs attention from the institutions, starting with the question of practice in school”.

“The mission to make all Italians happy and proud has been perfectly successful, with a record Olympics in numbers and results”. He said it the president of Coni, Giovanni Malagò, speaking at the Quirinale for the ceremony for the return of the tricolor of the Olympic and Paralympic blues of Tokyo 2020. “Sport – added Malagò, addressing the Head of State, Sergio Mattarella – is never an end in itself, and even more so in this moment: that’s why the Azzurri couldn’t wait to wave the flag on the podium. They are really brothers and sisters of Italy “.

“The merit of a record-breaking Olympics, in numbers and results, is all theirs”, underlined the president of Coni. “There has never been an Olympics with 40 medals for Italy in history – he added – never have all the Regions had at least one representative, never an Italy with 46 athletes on all five continents, demonstrating a multi-ethnic and perfectly integrated team “.

“I will begin my speech by remembering the words of three months ago – Malagò said before the ceremony began – so many good things have happened. I am very proud for the country, the boys and girls have been very good. Mission accomplished”. And again: “All this gives us hope for Paris. I think it has been sown well in the past years and it was not at all obvious. Now we are already 2 years and ten months from the next Olympics, but above all 130 days from the Winter Games of Beijing “.

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