the hardest choice for a father

the hardest choice for a father
the hardest choice for a father

Until the last beat is the new Rai fiction that will star Marco Bocci in the role of a doctor facing a difficult choice

The summer is now over and with the return of autumn even the television schedules of the national networks are returning to normal, offering the most successful programs but also many new features. As for the fiction, for example, Rai has decided to focus strongly on medical drama entitled “Until the last beat”.

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The series, which will air from 23 September 2021 in prime time on Rai1, has been entrusted to the skilful direction of Cinzia TH Torrini, already behind the camera in other successful fiction such as Elisa di Rivombrosa.

The absolute protagonist of the medical drama with a crime background will be Marco Bocci, which is back on TV after the successes obtained with Romanzo Criminale and Squadra Antimafia. This time he will take on the role of Diego Mancini, a young and respected surgeon who will be faced with the most difficult choice a father can make.

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Until the last beat: Diego Mancini’s difficult choice to save his son’s life

Diego, the character played by Marco Bocci, has a truly splendid life: a very important career (at only forty he is already Full Professor of Cardiac Surgery), a partner, Elena (Violante Placido), a daughter in law, Anna (Gaja Masciale) and a natural child, Paolo (Giovanni Carone).

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Elena is waiting to get a divorce to marry Diego when a discovery disrupts the life of the surgeon: her son Paolo suffers from heart disease that not even he, accustomed to saving the lives of patients, is able to cure. The only solution is that of transplant and the child is put on the waiting list.

But Diego, to speed up the times and try to save his son, will end up sending his moral principles to the devil and compromising with the fugitive boss Cosimo Patruno (Fortunato Cerlino, Don Pietro Savastano of Gomorra) of which he will become the personal doctor.

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In the cast of the fiction there will also be Bianca Guaccero (Pink) e Loretta Goggi (Elena’s mother). The series was shot almost entirely in Puglia and will last well 12 episodes: considering that two will be broadcast every evening, the appointment for Italians is from Thursday 23 September until 28 October 2021.

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