Positive surgeon at Covid emergency patient work, start the trial: “I had to save a life”

The trial for the vascular surgery doctor Gianluca Iob, who in April last year operated on a patient despite being in quarantine because he tested positive for a test for Covid, opened today, in front of the single judge of Aosta Maurizio D’Abrusco. The then health director of the Aosta Valley Local Health Authority, Pier Eugenio Nebiolo, and the person in charge of 118, Luca Cavoretto, are also on trial. All three are accused of violating the quarantine legislation.

The prosecutor Francesco Pizzato had asked for a criminal decree of five thousand euros for all three, challenged by the defense who asked to go to trial. After the filing of the list of witnesses for the prosecution and defense, about ten in all, including the former mayor of Aosta Fulvio Centoz, the judge postponed the trial to 22 November. The investigations were conducted by the investigative unit of the Aosta carabinieri.

Gianluca Job (from Technosmedica.it)

According to the accusation, the doctor was positive and therefore could not have carried out the surgery, authorized by Nebbiolo himself with an email. The doctor would be taken to the hospital to perform the surgery, and then taken home by ambulance. All this in violation of the house isolation order issued by the deputy mayor, Antonella Marcoz. The doctor has always denied the allegations. According to the lawyer of the three accused, Corrado Bellora, “no crime was committed, a human life was saved”.

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